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At Democracy Day Church Service, Jonathan, Ministers, decline to say “Amen” to prayers against corruption

By Bassey Udo, Premium Times


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By Tolaadenle

While [Unlike] many so-called “men of God” whom I prefer to label as “men of Nigeria’s god” – money & evil – the Rev. Peter Akinola continues to address the ills of Nigeria, especially these last couple of years. At Oni of Ife’s 80th, the Prelate called on the traditional ruler to work for a better Nigeria in his “what more do you want” homily.

I believe that the Ecumenical Center at Abuja yesterday would be filled with the President’s men and women for the most part; hence the loud silence for the usual “Amen” that ends all prayers and supplications.

At the church I attend, there are always loud AMENs to such prayers, including yesterday. The world should therefore not look at Nigerians as being accepting of the suffering being meted to them by their leaders who are being recommended for “the Court of God” by Peter Akinola.

But before getting to “the Court of God” where these people will definitely have to answer one day, I believe Nigerians must first deal with the intractable corruption that sees politicians, top civil servants and their accomplices in society live in sheer luxury while the rest live in misery. How? We must use our brain which God has given us all to decide the steps against the rot. There’s no solution in seeing ourselves as North/South, Christians/Moslems as these are the same divisions being peddled and encouraged by the rulers.

Mr. President, the Prelate’s homily reminds me of a woman’s plaintive cry at the AGM of JP Morgan Chase – “Do you believe in the same God I believe in” directed at the CEO about the squandering of shareholders’ money by executives, http://emotanafricana.com/2011…

“Is President Jonathan as well as all the so-called Christians in government really Christians” is another way of framing Prelate Akinola’s homily. emotanafricana.com