Nigerian 2011 Elections – A Case of Dubious Polling Results – Tola Adenle

Former publisher of the women’s bi-monthly, Emotan (1977-1984) and op-ed columnist with The Nation, Tola Adenle now publishes her writing here on  The blog encourages an active discussion around matters social and political related to Nigeria, so feel free to comment!

“Polling” seems to be the latest addition to deceiving the Nigerian people but it won’t work.  This is wrap-around journalism, if you get my drift.  This Day is not a credible paper.  Even in the height of the conspiracy against Jonathan NOT to become president when many of US supported him, he could not have scored 60%.

Obaigbena’s “poll” is as credible as General Obasanjo’s “Census” which has/had old Kano State – now with Jigawa excised – with more people than Lagos State that purportedly used to have about the same population.  That was a lie then, and it remains even more so now when old Lagos is still the same new Lagos.

It’s a shame that all institutions are being sold and bought.

Since January 24, I’ve conducted a non-scientific poll of 48 Christians, all Yorubas from the same Southwest.  Only 2 are against Buhari while an incredible 46 said they’ll vote for the taciturn retired General.  I listened to all – ages 20-something to early 40s and began to wonder if, in spite of my own past misgivings about Buhari, the young people do not have serious points.  After all, whoever takes over cannot affect my life much nor those of people like me – over 60, fairly okay, all children grown and well settled into professions abroad.  But we do owe it to these young people to take Nigeria back from the thieves and their foot soldiers dressed in “respectability” garb of businessmen/women.  The youth made me tally the pros and cons of Buhari which made me finally take a deeper look – in spite of the past.

He’s the only one that can stare the corruption monster and slay it.

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4 Comments on “Nigerian 2011 Elections – A Case of Dubious Polling Results – Tola Adenle”

  1. Abuhafsor Says:

    Much as i do not doubt the authenticity of the polling by Thisday, i as a researcher will want to believe that TIMELESSNESS (a very valid point in research is not considered)When was Thisday research conducted? They should have informed.



  2. 2011doordie Says:

    fake poll. it is BB all the way, you rig you die in jail.



  3. 2011doordie Says:

    It is BB all the way. The poll is a fraud. This Day na joke paper.



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