More unscientific “polling” on Nigerian elections – Tola Adenle

April 1, 2011


Ibadan, Nigeria, April 1, 2011:  Informal opinion poll walk-about, contd.

Ibadan is calm – at least the parts I visited today: University of Ibadan/Agbowo areas; Mokola; the two Bodijas; Onireke; Jericho, a bit of SW Ibadan – Ring Road, back through Oke-Ado, Dugbe, then on to Oke-Padre, Oniyanrin, Mokola and then through my Ibadan North Federal Constituency which took me through Iwo Road and then home!

I know; some may want to dismiss these areas as the tame parts of the politically-volatile huge city but since electioneering campaigns started, there have been bloody clashes between PDP and ACN as well as [former Governor] Ladoja’s Accord Party at Ibadan North.

Since yesterday when I visited a motor park at Osogbo, I’ve shifted from speaking to educated young Christians.  This morning was a mixture of faiths.  Somewhere, (can’t be specific for the young men’s sakes) were Muslim and Christian selling phone cards, a job now seemingly reserved for NCE and Poly grads, including HND.  Posters of everybody contesting deface all available walls in just about all the places visited and it makes me wonder: who will clean all these mess after the elections?.  The young men are surprisingly all excited.  Here’s the unscientific but Yoruba-friendly approach I’ve been using since I started; it gets modified with different groups.  This was somewhere in Ibadan North this morning.

Me:    A ma ku ipalemo ibo! [Hi, guys.  The elections are upon us – something like that]

Two of them stepped next to my car:         Ajimobi ni, o! [ACN governorship candidate].

Me:    But not this Saturday.

One of them:  [Others had moved close.]  By the time ACN wins most of Oyo tomorrow, the rest is gone.

Me:    What of presidential?

Three of them in unison:  Buhari/Bakare all the way!  One guy kept quiet

Me:   What of the Honda Accord Ladoja?

One:   E ma da l’ohun.  Nwon pay e ni lati da nkan ru. [He is a paid destabiliser].

Me:      Ta wa l’o se yen? [Who paid him?]

[They all guffawed.]

Outspoken One:  Tani  ba tun se?  Obj! [Who else? Retired General Obasanjo].

In all, I stopped at a gas station; Mokola market at a popular food seller; another gas station at Ring Road; an open air furniture place not far from Sango; Oke Bola in front of a book store, etcetera.

With the government’s work-free day, driving around was easy and there were no signs of tension.  In all, I was able to poll 78 people in mostly groups.  I will not state the numbers for the gubernatorial because I’m mostly interested in the presidential although I jotted down the findings.  The Oyo governorship seems to favor Senator Ajimobi but here is the breakdown for the presidential: President Jonathan 8; Alhaji Ribadu 25; Buhari 45.  Note:  I did not stop at Sabo which is within Ibadan North for obvious reasons. [Hausa/Fulani area of Ibadan]



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One Comment on “More unscientific “polling” on Nigerian elections – Tola Adenle”

  1. Abuhafsor Says:

    Your findings are authentic ma… did the same thing but took my own to the professionals, i found out that most teachers will vote Ladoja, market women and men will share their votes amongst the three top contenders while students are jostling for Ajimobi



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