Nigerian “lawmakers” did what they do best on subsidy removal – “received bribes in US Dollars” – Premium Times: A reader’s reaction

by Fatai Bakare

Submitted on 2012/03/08 at 10:42 am

Honestly, something is wrong with us in Nigeria most especially when it comes to exposing corruption. It’s either the investigation is not thoroughly carried out before going to press to feed the members of the public or, as expected, total denial by those involved. There is a whole lot of difference between Nigeria and other parts of the world, especially the developed countries. It’s not that we do not have rogues among their politicians or among the public, but once the lid is blown open, they will spill out the truth, plead guilty and the loot refunded before the guilty is banished to jail.

However, the case is not so in Nigeria. The accused will device cunny ways and lies to get out of the hook. He becomes a hero by buying out those that can give evidence against him and with the connivance of a corrupt judiciary the case will be thrown out. Lies all the way. Will things ever going change in Nigeria?

Just before elections last year, lid was blown off the fat payments of the legislatures which was corroborated by the Finance Ministry and the CBN. We do not hear anything about it anymore and many of them are back in the Senate and House to continue with the national looting.

The painful thing is that those who were outside (the so called activists among the politicians) will shout and point accusing fingers at them, only to join them whenever they have the chance of being voted in. When will the beautiful ones be born in Nigeria to instill sanity into our blood stream. We should give kudoes to one of the Fed Legislators in the past who exposed the free credit cards given to them by the MTN every month. All others, including ACN members kept quiet including the Presidency under President Obasanjo that time. I think the man who blew the whistle lost at the next election back for exposing them and from what happened with elections in Nigeria, especially the ruling PDP, the man did not stand any chance of returning to the Senate.
We members of the public are also not helping things. We mortgage our future by collecting money from these rogues in order to vote or select them during elections and these people only continue to enrich themselves at our own peril. If this accusation is true, think of what we can do with this money (60000x160x109 in naira equals 1,046,400,000:00), over N1b. Our hospitals are crying out to be equipped, our roads are crying for repairw, members of the public are hungry, uncountable Nigerian youth are unemployed and so on and so on.
These legislators are so shameless and heartless that they think of themselves alone, forgetting that we all came empty-handed to this world and we shall go back with nothing. All is vanity.

While talking of the Senators, was the bribe not extended to members of the House of Reps? This casts a doubt in my mind as to the truthfulness of this booty because heaven would have been let loose if the members of the Reps have not been equally paid off. If theirs have not been verified, then, we will be talking in the region of 3 or 4 billion naira used by the Fed Govt to bribe our law makers to send us to financial bondage in the name of removing a non-existing subsidy on petrol.
May there be a revolution peaceful or otherwise to liberate the Nigerian masses from the grip of these monsters.

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One Comment on “Nigerian “lawmakers” did what they do best on subsidy removal – “received bribes in US Dollars” – Premium Times: A reader’s reaction”

  1. emotan77 Says:

    Submitted on 2012/03/08 at 7:31 pm | In reply to Fatai Bakare..

    Thanks, Fatai. Your comments raise many important points: were Reps paid or not paid? Where else could the money have come from if not the central government? How do we get out of the quagmire with every arm of government, including the judiciary, is neck deep in corruption? Why are Nigerians active participants in ruining the country and their own future by taking money from thieving politicians?

    These questions are now way beyond my understanding but one thing I feel sure about is that as long as Nigerians look to workers’ unions to lead the salvage of the country whatever “revolution” – peaceful or otherwise – people dream about will never come. Those who lead the country’s unions have long perfected how to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds as the saying goes and the country’s rulers, too, have long understood this. Foreign currencies, homes abroad, etcetera are only two of “incentives” that were rumored as carrots for these so-called union leaders to sell the rest of us.

    Individual Nigerians have to ask themselves if the country they want is one in which they would forever be seeking equilibrium but it would never come while a fattened few – AND THEIR DESCENDANTS – would forever lord it over them and their own poor descendants in a modern-day “vast slave plantation” as I first dubbed modern Nigeria in a write-up bebore late Yar Adua’s imposition masqueraded as “elections”.




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