President Jonathan & entourage refused to say “Amen” at “Democracy” Day prayers! – Tola Adenle

At Democracy Day Church Service, Jonathan, Ministers, decline to say “Amen” to prayers against corruption

By Bassey Udo, Premium Times


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By Tolaadenle

While [Unlike] many so-called “men of God” whom I prefer to label as “men of Nigeria’s god” – money & evil – the Rev. Peter Akinola continues to address the ills of Nigeria, especially these last couple of years. At Oni of Ife’s 80th, the Prelate called on the traditional ruler to work for a better Nigeria in his “what more do you want” homily.

I believe that the Ecumenical Center at Abuja yesterday would be filled with the President’s men and women for the most part; hence the loud silence for the usual “Amen” that ends all prayers and supplications.

At the church I attend, there are always loud AMENs to such prayers, including yesterday. The world should therefore not look at Nigerians as being accepting of the suffering being meted to them by their leaders who are being recommended for “the Court of God” by Peter Akinola.

But before getting to “the Court of God” where these people will definitely have to answer one day, I believe Nigerians must first deal with the intractable corruption that sees politicians, top civil servants and their accomplices in society live in sheer luxury while the rest live in misery. How? We must use our brain which God has given us all to decide the steps against the rot. There’s no solution in seeing ourselves as North/South, Christians/Moslems as these are the same divisions being peddled and encouraged by the rulers.

Mr. President, the Prelate’s homily reminds me of a woman’s plaintive cry at the AGM of JP Morgan Chase – “Do you believe in the same God I believe in” directed at the CEO about the squandering of shareholders’ money by executives,…

“Is President Jonathan as well as all the so-called Christians in government really Christians” is another way of framing Prelate Akinola’s homily.

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6 Comments on “President Jonathan & entourage refused to say “Amen” at “Democracy” Day prayers! – Tola Adenle”

  1. A. G. Falade Says:

    In contrast to the convoluted explanation by Dr. Reuben Abati for “President Jonathan & entourage refusing to say “Amen” at “Democracy” Day prayers, I think, the looters’ conscience had been pricked, or some, or all said “Amen” in their hearts!

    The patience of our Almighty Creator in all this matter is explained by the nature of one of His Laws, which is : Whatever you sow, you will reap.

    It takes time for something that is sown to grow and produce fruits. This is one of the amazing graces of our Creator; to allow us to reflect and repent, so that by the time the fruits land on our laps we’re not consumed.

    Nevertheless, as we move closer to the Millennium, because of the approaching Great Comet, the time interval between sowing and reaping becomes shorter. This is reflected in the sensing of some people in saying that: “Olorun ana ni O ma npe binu.” That is, it’s only God of yesterday Who is slower at anger. Even though these words have not captured the full, great happening, the sentence nevertheless gives us a faint reflection of the natural law branded into creation.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Prof.,

      Pardon the delay in getting to this; movement and all it entails in Nigeria!

      Some righteous indignation tempered – or so it seems – by some religious/
      other-worldly-thinking may be the only way to survive in Nigeria these days
      but Dear Prof., we must never lose the indignation or the country would be
      lost forever to the locusts.




  2. Fatai Bakare Says:

    Your question should not be only to the Christians in the cabinet; what of the Alhajis in the cabinet who run to Umra every year as well as to Mecca for holy pilgrimages? If their hands are not soiled with corruption, let them all say “Amen” to prayers against corruption. If my own prayer would not be too hash and they may not read it, I would have offered one.

    The Lord who we (Christians and Moslems) all serve is a patient and All Knowing One, and He is waiting for them to repent before Holy Ghost fire descends.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Fatai, thanks a lot for the seeming omission.

      It’s true I tend to be extra-sensitive to Muslim issues and persons even though Southwestern Nigeria is no religious battleground. Several years ago during the Miss World saga in the North, I remember writing an essay for my Sunday space and getting quite a few mails, all not “nice to hear your point of view, Ms. Adenle” bend! Ditto when I wrote “Shedding Southern Nigerians’ blood for phantom unity …” AND “If Yoruba cannot grow their food, Yoruba must starve” about what I thought was a deliberate Northern Nigerian-hatched plan to make peppers scarce in the South! In that last essay, all I wrote actually was that Yorubaland has no excuse [sort of] importing tatase from the North as they do well when grown here but the point I believe that rankled those who fired hate letters to me was my stating a fact: that the “over-supplied with fertilizer North” which always OWNS the Minister of Agriculture Minister, gets assistance to irrigate …

      Regards, as always,

      In another vein, Christians are gong-ho about the faith’s injunctions but most are paid only lip service not only by laity but by many so-called pastors. These are the people I generally address the most in matters of morality in Nigeria.

      In this country, churches may abound in every corner, including occupying a flat in a 4-flat residential building, the stench in the churches with the exception of the Catholic Church is enough to cause an earth quake.

      There are, of course, The Rev. Peter Akinola, Pastor Kumuyi and a very few individual others in the Ministry. Remember, an Anglican Bishop, the Baptist Convention Head, the Methodist Head were among those who praised General Obasanjo after his disastrous “Third Term” misadventure and describing Obasanjo’s hand-picked successor, Yar Adua as “God-sent”.



      • Fatai Bakare Says:

        Anti, these so called Men of God are part of the problems we have in Nigeria. They cannot speak the truth because of the patronage they enjoy from government with the exception of a very few. These are the ones telling them the stack truth. To add to your point, Revs, Pastors and Imams with the exception of the Catholic Archbishop said the dieing or dead Yar ‘Dua responded ‘amen’ to their prayers when they went to pray for him at Aso Rock. But they could not deceive God as the man was proclaimed dead a day or so later! Probably the Catholic Bishop was the only one who refused to collect brown envelope to render prayers God gave them free of charge to heal their followers.

        May God punish the hypocrites and the corrupt individuals among us and in the government. For Jonathan and his officials refusing to say ‘amen’ at the end of prayers against corruption is an indication that their hands are soiled and it renders the Yoruba adage ‘‘bi’wo ba se rere, ara ki yoo a ya o (if you do good, you will be elated) to be true.


      • emotan77 Says:

        Thanks, Fatai and pardon the 24-hour waiting that this has had to endure.

        It’s utterly ridiculous for people at a prayer gathering to choose to answer “Amen”, and it’s worse than ridiculous to proffer the excuse by Abati, the president’s spokesperson: that THE Constitution prescribes the number of times a president can answer “amen” at prayers!

        THE Reuben Abati we all used to know as a gold-standard essayist was a brilliant, rational and proud – not in the negative sense – guy but THIS Abati? He’s irrational, full of IT and worse, must be losing his mind!




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