Retired General Obasanjo acts proxy on Ataoja Tussle – Tola Adenle

After a disgraceful and meddlesome appearance at the ECOWAS meeting on Ghana’s recent election at which retired General Obasanjo tried to push his dexterous and manipulative ways on the body, rGO – yes, that’s the short form I came up for him because of the zillions of times I had to type his name in my old weekly essays – he’s made a stop on his itinerant journeys at Osogbo.

On the pretext he was representing an “Owu Development Foundation” [ODF], rGO shows he’s not done with destroying Nigerian institutions, especially in his native Yoruba-land.

Acting as what could not be anything but proxy for retired Brigadier Oyinlola, a guy whose destructive stay as governor of Osun will be felt for years to come, rGO announced ODF as the entity that wants him to intervene in the Ataoja Dispute!

What does rGO want, for Christ’s sake?  This man who should be sitting pretty as a respected elder statesman who would be consulted for advice but keeps running up and down Nigeria, Africa, the world in search of only God-knows-what.

Here are words credited to him on his recent visit to Governor Aregbesola:

“ When the situation that could cause disturbance to the selection of the new Oba, Owu Development Foundation made up of prominent members came to me that I should not allow things to go sour and what I equally found on ground is gradually drifting to an alarming situation.”

 I then formed a committee to consult and make contact with all the people involved in the chieftaincy matter so that no group or anybody is left out. I also found out that there were people who are dissatisfied with the selection process and need to be pacified where there are also people who only wanted recognition …” [Vanguard Newspapers, Nigeria.]

  • Who are the people that rGO’s purported committee “made contact with all the people involved in the chieftaincy matter …?
  • In Yoruba-land, what is rGO – and ODF’s locus standi – in Ataoja of Osogbo matter?  Pardon a legalese I hardly understand.
  • Oyinlola knows that “Oba” Olanipekun was a PDP “chieftain” and since PDP’s destructive reign in Osun is over and since his family lineage traces back to egungun Opeleba, he must leave his paper throne and be awarded another PDP post.  Thankfully, the party, which now has Oyinlola as National Secretary or so, still reigns, albeit ruins Nigeria.

The matter of the Beier Collection that Oyinlola purportedly tried to steer towards the Obasanjo Library rather than Osogbo where the Late Beier lived and did pioneering work with Georgina, his wife, is too fresh in many people’s minds  to have rGO storm in again purportedly to effect a “settlement” when his goal is to have a travesty – a matter that has seen two courts adjudge Olanipekun NOT a rightful Ataoja (and still in another court)  – upheld.  The Beier Collection at Obasanjo Library would not have hurt in the pursuit of a library built with millions “donated” by PDP governors to be designated a UNESCO Heritage Site!

It is time rGO accept the verdict of history before he gets more disgrace than a reporter shoving a microphone in his face and pooh-poohing his appearance at a democracy set-up since “you cannot give what you do not have” re the Ghana elections; he had reportedly tried to push through the banning of reporters!

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6 Comments on “Retired General Obasanjo acts proxy on Ataoja Tussle – Tola Adenle”

  1. Adenle Adekunle Says:

    Obasanjo should be reminded that Owu is not Oshogbo. Okuku under Oshogbo was not bastardised by that kolanut Oba of Okuku village . This is what you get when there is a chorus of uncertainty from those who have benefitted from unjust situations . After all if there was never a coup, there would never have been an Obasanjo or a known Oyinlola more than the Obi Olokuku! My former Teachers, Mr. Oyinlola and Mr. Oyinloye who were of the EKUERE fame should advise their Soldier errant son to trek the path of honor.

    That is the reason why Nigeria is still a Niger Area. Time alone will Tell



  2. Ajipeya Afunleyin Says:

    Obasanjo, the Yorubas say that oruko lo nro omo. But unfortunately yours is the opposite.

    When you became the Head of State in 1999 I offered to some people that I hope you will live up to the meaning of your name, i.e. you will be more of a blessing to Nigeria in general but Yoruba in particular. Throughout your reign you were more of a curse to your tribe as well as to Nigeria. And now you have proved beyond reasonable doubt that you may be omo ti o le da ile ru.

    PDP has turned their back on you, you were even spat on in Ghana. You have started your decline into the Nebuchadnezzar mold and you will surely get there
    The asides meant for you at the installation of Asiwaju Tinubu as Are
    Ago of Egbaland is a handwriting on the wall if others before it were not.
    Remember, the Fulanis met their Waterloo here at Osogbo.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Heavy stuff here, Mr. Afunleyin!

      Yeah, I read that one about the installation at Abeokuta. Such affront,
      right in his backyard!

      Sincere regards, and do stop by more often.



      • Dele-Daramola Says:

        Were it to be in an organized society, the former president would have been diagnosed as suffering from delusions of grandeur. He believes he’s the best to happen to the world!

        He did all he could to deride Azikiwe when he said that he (Zik) was always known as the father of modern Nigeria but ended as Owelle of Onitsha.

        He rubbished Awolowo by saying all that Awolowo worked all his life to get, he, Obasanjo got on a platter of gold.

        In 2004, he held, in addition to his being the president of Nigeria, the Balogun of Owu kingdom and at the same time wanted to be the Oba of Owuland. When it appeared that things were not going his way, he was reported to have torn the paper containing the short-listed names of would-be obas!

        When it was becoming “roforofo fight” very unbecoming of a president, did he not tell the world then “Whatever is happening within us (Owu) is a family affair…”? Someone please tell me if Osogbo is part of Owu family!

        Allowing him the luxury of delusion is re-writing history that there’s a place in Western Nigeria called “Owu-Shogbo”!
        Fayth Dele-Daramola


      • emotan77 Says:

        Dear Mr. Dele-Daramola,

        There is a very juicy one you’ve mentioned of rGO’s delusional posturing that I was not aware of. Thanks for reminding the world.



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