The next Oje Market day at Ibadan & other shopping ideas elsewhere – Tola Adenle

April 30, 2013

Arts & Culture

Dear Ladies,  –  sorry, guys!

The viewership on the Oje Market Calendar has really picked up but it seems there still exists doubt/confusion about the dates.  For general information, the next market day at Oje-Ibadan is on Thursday, May 2.  I attended the last one 15 days ago, and being an old hand now, I prefer going by myself so that I can make unhurried and unaided choices!  Once you know the things you love and how you like to put your clothes together, shopping on your own is easier than you think but if you’d rather go in company of friends, that could also be fun.

I used to love doing it – shopping with friends, and later, shopping with my daughters in New York City in the 80s and 90s, walking, buying food from street vendors, shopping till we were too tired to walk but it was always such great fun and pleasure.  Not any more.  These days, I’m an avid online shopper, and have been for many years.  It may have its draw-backs but it’s easy, and with the return policy at most online sites, I can return the items if colors, textures, etcetera are not exactly to my taste. Another draw-back may be not having a US/UK/overseas address but I do not believe there are Nigerians who travel who would not have friends or relations whose addresses could be used for online shopping IF you want to try it because prices are almost always much cheaper than in-store sales.  Household items lend themselves to online purchases than, perhaps, clothes but even the possible problems here can be overcome if you first order swatches of fabrics in some cases.

As for Oje, no such indignity as impersonal shopping!

So, go out there and try it.  And if your guy is the fila-wearing type, there are single strips for sale at very inexpensive prices.  Pick several up for him and get them sewn without asking for head measurements – I’m assuming you know his head circumference!  Generally runs from, say, 22 to 24.  A 24″-inch head is huge!

I hope I’ve more than answered a question on the “search engine terms” for today, April 30:  “when is Oje market day”?


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