Serena going back to Indian Wells after being humiliated out is the right thing to do – Tola Adenle

January 24, 2014


I cannot help but state here what I’ve made public in other public medium: that the tennis establishment owes the Williamses a world of thanks because they showed the world that people do not need tons of money for tennis academy training to produce champions, and thereby brought hundreds of not just new players from varying backgrounds in many countries to the game but perhaps millions of new fans. His down-home statement on why and how he trained his two girls IS the reason why the Russians and others are coming in droves to the game; but may be THAT is part of the reason for the enmity that has pursued his girls throughout their careers. And they’ve more than held up well against the definite racism. Tennis stars were not supposed to rise from the tenements and the few who did never had the confidence that Richard gave his girls which has been how they  the bar from being good technical players to real champions.

Who can forget the 2004 Quarters between Serena and self-destructed Capriati ruined by referree’s call at the US Open nor the one between Serena and Clisters that got Clijsters another Slam after being out to have a baby but a big fine against Serena OR Wimbledon when Venus was awarded a point that was not played by either young lady nor lost by Venus nor … How long can we expect these girls to hold on without getting to breaking points.

Well, Ms. Isaacson may have been writing for over three decades and may even have played some tennis at school but she has never walked in this young woman’s shoes and it’s therefore difficult to see how she can tell her to move on. “Moving on” from hurt’ that is deliberately inflicted over and over and over is not easy, and I’d expect her to include a para or two to those hot too-big-to-apologize-to-fans hot shots about the need to apologize for the disappointment and, may be – just may be – confess that they did know about Venus’ injury several hours before they acknowledged.

Serena took a step that she believed was best for her after the debacle at IWells and now that she has decided to go back, her decision needs not be seen through the expedient oh, racism at IW? I saw nothing racist in …

She’s always shown maturity beyond her years and in choosing to do what Mandela did, she’s the one who has laughed last, especially with becoming exactly what her dad predicted for her.



FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 2014.  2:20 p.m. [GMT]


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