Mhari Saito: 1-Year Memorial to a young beautiful lady who left us too soon – Tola Adenle

April 28, 2014


Mhari and Family

At her Columbia University graduation –

2nd picture from Left:  Mak (Brother), Kunio (Dad) and Katy (Mom)



With Mom and two of Blogger’s kids, Gbemi and Jọkẹ and in Picture 2, Mhari with Gbemi & Joke



Looking forward to Occidental College (Oxy) Days after College visit, a visit to Blogger and family at Boulder City, Nevada, USA – Mhari, Katy and Blogger.



Picture 1, with Mom and Blogger.

Picture 2, at Boulder City Park packed lunch;  Clockwise from Top:  Depo (blogger’s spouse), Denrele, Mhari, Joke, Buki (Blogger’s niece on visit), Gbemi, Abakẹ  and Blogger.


Ibd 98

The sun was not in the eyes of the kids more than in those of the oldies but they posed in their own perhaps agreed way! – At the back:  Abake, then Mhari, Jọkẹ, Blogger, Katy, Mak (wearing Yoruba Fila) and Denrele


Good old time at Ibd 98

In picture 1, Mhari comes out with family members and drummers in an age-old Yoruba tradition during Yoruba Engagement ceremonies as single girls are presented as the bride one after another at which, naturally, the in-laws-to-be reject each girl till the bride-to-be is brought out!

Picture 2:  We  rejoiced and danced often during their May ’98 visit to the popular Hebrew folk song, Hava Negilaabove is one instance with Left to Right:  Blogger, spouse, Jọkẹ and Mhari.

Good old time at Ibd 98




All I can say since the terrible news is that I knew Mhari since she was a little beautiful baby who, even as a child who would grow into a beautiful girl that became a beautiful young lady, was always ever ready to take on so much not for herself but for everybody.  She worked very hard at her studies:  Sidwell Friends in Washington, D.C., Oxy and Columbia.

Mhari would fit in anywhere and while she was an all-American girl, a citizen of the world, she cherished her Japanese/Scottish heritage.

She always readily gave of her time and resources to help others even when it would inconvenience her. To get me off my gloomy and teary stage when we got the news, my spouse knew a Mhari incident that would get a smile from me.  Kunio, a stickler for time, order and such, was ready to leave for work at the IMF one morning (Katy was a World Bank employee where we met in the early 70s) when he discovered his car was nowhere around, and just about ten minutes later, Mhari zipped in.  All Kunio kept repeating was “Mhari, you take on too much …” while she kept repeating her apology.  She had gone to help a school friend on an errand.

On recalling those words from early in our first few weeks of self exile from Nigerian hell of Babangida days, I smiled and cried even more.

Oh, Katy,  for you and Mak and Kunio for losing such a talented and beautiful gem.  Tom Callahan whom I’ve met only once at their Philadelphia home soon after he got married to his beloved Mhari, the dear mother of his kids, Kaiah and Mia,  my heart aches for you all.

MHARI SAITO, age 41. Beloved wife of Tom Callahan; dear mother of Kaiah and Mia; cherished daughter of Kunio and Katrine, peace, perfect peace.





MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014.  2:12 p.m. GMT





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2 Comments on “Mhari Saito: 1-Year Memorial to a young beautiful lady who left us too soon – Tola Adenle”

  1. Kevin Halligan Says:

    I knew Mhari in Cambodia where she was a helpful and generous colleague with a great sense of humour.i shared a car with her and one or two others going home from the newspaper each night and learned to look forward to her stories of the day. It was a pleasure to know her.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Mr. Halligan,

      As the fifth anniversary of Mhari’s translation draws near, I thank you for the sweet remembrance of a beautiful person whose brevity of time spent on this side of the Great Divide did not match her contributions to the lives of those whose paths crossed hers.

      May her generous and kind soul continue to rest in peace.




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