Why would a 16-year old choose a Historically Black College over Harvard? – The Root

April 28, 2014

The Diaspora

What Happened After a 16-year-old Chose FAMU Over Harvard



chose famu over harvard                                                          Ralph Jones, Jr.


This is another heart-warming and very encouraging story in the HBCU over Ivy League choice that paid off big. 

Some years ago before the hazing death of a drum major gave FAMU a bad name, a white American got admitted to Harvard and FAMU and decided to attend the latter.  His mother was reportedly beside herself but the kid was very determined having heard how hands-on the college always is and how he could get internship at top corporations, perhaps his main reason for the choice he made.

The student found that the university president ran such a tight ship that when he skipped class, he found himself in the President’s Office just as when he mentioned that he would like to intern in Japan, the president called the head of Sony right away!

Now, many more, especially African-Americans who might not have wanted to choose an HBCU that it pays, especially when the student is in Engineering or such fields. 

I had a relation who, by her junior year at an HBCU, was jointly publishing papers with her professor and by the senior year, was attending international conference in Asia.  And getting noticed in small classes is easy which made her graduate school education one with a national award to a world-renowned university.  Classes are generally small at HBCUs and students who performed very well would easily get national recognition, an easier path to professional success. 

When these bright African-American kids choose HBCUs over Ivy League, they help raise the standard of these colleges which were traditionally looked down upon. TOLA.


Below is the brief note that accompanied the link [below] sent to me by Tao to be shared even further with visitors to this blog:

Are we getting good advice? Are our Ralph Joneses getting good adice and counseling? From Home schools, local and nationawide African-American communities?
These bright young men and women from within African-American communities who are beating the odds stacked in their ways by racial injustice in the USA must not, in a decade or two from now, become grist to the mills of those who believe that Africans cannot or should not be competitive.
They most likely need to be better advised.

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