Wife-Beater [Nigerian] APC Politician In Ogun State Arrested – Police

April 29, 2014


APC wife beater In Nigeria, supposed class is no barrier to un-classy behavior.  University professors do it; men of [Nigeria’s] god do it; governors do it nor is it  beneath the “dignity” of a head of state to do it.

Nigeria’s latest VIP Wife Batterer Bayo Awosanya is now in police custody after turning himself in before being declared a wanted man.  He battered his wife, a popular occurrence in Nigeria by frustrated men, men whose wives may refuse to vacate marital homes for new wives or simply because they have they are cowards who have the physical power.

Now, thanks to women NGOs, especially Joe Okei-Odumakin’s Women Arise, at least one man, a supposed VIP, may actually come to justice but I’m no perpetual no-sayer if I caution that this show of arrest may be all this coward would ever face.  Remember the wife batterer who did it so much till he killed the 30 Something year-old that led to a public cry by Nollywood Star Stella Damasus in When is it Enough?


“We had all begged, prayed, complained, reported, and fought, just to get him to stop beating her. I was tired of seeing the black eye, the swollen face, the bruised arms and the constant headaches. It was so bad that I had to tell him that one day he would do something really bad to his wife and end up behind bars …
He had beaten her so much for sending her own money to her mother without telling him, and when she tried to protect herself by pushing him off her, he got infuriated and hit her head on the wall.
This time no black eye, no bruise to worry about, she just did not wake up.
… “maybe I should have moved her out of there” but then again who am I to move her out of her husband’s house…

The case was taken to court and was dismissed, because according to the courts the evidence was not enough, and so he was discharged and acquitted …
She is dead and gone but the killer is walking free, and as usual, he has custody of the children whom he has passed on to his new wife …

Hopefully, the disHonorable Bayo Awosanya won’t get away with this.  Women must learn to listen to their own inner voices and leave before they get murdered by their husbands, a problem that is on the rise in Nigeria.  Do not listen to friends or, especially family who advice you to “stay and take care of your children”.  Acid baths, maiming, etcetera are on the rise on women and you may not live to take care of those children.   He won’t change; grown men – and women conditioned by a lifetime of brainwashing by family members – seem difficult to change.

To read Ms. Damasus’ plaintive cry:


And then, read Awosanya’s story at SR:


TUESDAY, APRIL 29, 2014.  6:00 a.m. [GMT]




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