“#Bring back our Girls”, world tells President Jonathan & Nigeria’s authorities

“I have no idea where the girls are” – President E.G. Jonathan:



Protesters in Nigeria: “Release our daughters”

Reuters Videos:



MONDAY, MAY 5, 2014.  8:15 p.m. [GMT]

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3 Comments on ““#Bring back our Girls”, world tells President Jonathan & Nigeria’s authorities”

  1. Afolabi ayoola Says:

    Jonathan has to tell Nigerians the whereabout of our abducted school girls. He made oaths with Nigerians to protect the lives and property of every nigerians. The Chibock School is a government which means it has one of the best in everything and should include security in that volatile area but failure of Jonathan worsens the situation.

    If the school girls are not rescued, President Jonathan should be impeached or he should resign. His media chat did not characterize the minds of Nigerians. Questions asked were not clearly answered. Hence, failure looms and we have had enough prayer for his administration. There are many reservations for his administration.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Mr. Ayoola,

      Thanks for this.

      You are expecting the impossible if you think a Nigerian president or any top government official would resign over an insignificant matter as the missing 270+ girls. You are comparing Nigeria to civilized countries in Western or Asian countries where Jonathan’s presidency would have ended years ago.

      Nigerians seem to conform to the sad remarks of a departing Australian employee of a foreign company who lamented that “in Nigeria, dishonesty is not socially frowned upon.” “Docile people” – to quote the words of one of those leaches who ravaged the country, former Speaker of the House Saburi Dimeji Bankole – are ruled by shameless and corrupt leaders.

      President E.G. Jonathan has handled the Chibok Girls’ issue as if it’s a mere distraction in his path for re-election. If protests haven’t taken over Abuja streets, he’d probably out campaigning at those PDP big rallies now.




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