Madness in Nigeria (4): – Tola Adenle



Actually, may be this should be under a new series – Shamelessness in Nigeria – but I would probably have to stop writing on anything else because there are so many acts of shamelessness in government to think of counting.

Shameless it is, all the same, for government agencies to use any of the free carriers for government email.  Oh, I am aware of security but there’s nothing that others want to know about Nigerian government that cannot be bought or gotten free, anyway; one would still wonder if Nigerian government cannot use the ‘.gov’ that is common with most governments around the world.

I first became aware of a major government department (ministry) that used ‘yahoo’ for its email services in 1998 and was shocked.  Since then, I’ve gotten used to coming across all sorts of correspondences emanating from government agencies with ‘yahoo’ and ‘gmail’ and they no longer shock.  Each time I come across such for quite a while, I’d promised myself to do something lighthearted on this serious subject.

The first address is the ongoing National Conference at which Nigerians, hopefully, will get a say through a referendum on key issues that are being discussed – the kind of federating units we must get, etcetera.  As things go in Nigeria, the president will decide for over 160 million people AFTER having traded away key issues for political goals.  The present Constitution is a product of military heads of state, the last of whom was General Abacha.

Now, for a gathering like that at which delegates get paid very handsomely – $25,000.00 MONTHLY (over N4 million) in addition to hotel and feeding, you’d think a sane government would not think twice before setting aside a fraction of what a delegate is paid MONTHLY to set a paid email address up, not in Nigeria where the petroleum minister has reportedly blown over 10 (ten) BILLION U.S. DOLLARS on car-hire-in-the-sky – hiring jets which reportedly has shuttled her and her family around.

You have a rant about the  madness of a well-funded government conference skimping on the important things?

THE 2014 NATIONAL CONFERENCE email is next.

When I first received a press release from the address below, I was sure it was from NOI Polls, the Ngozi Okonjo Iweala eponymous “opinion polls” that Dr. Iweala founded and used to run but with which she is reportedly no longer involved.

Long-time readers I have not been impressed – despite the supposed partnership with world-renowned GALLUP POLL because of what I believed and still believe is a sort of “working to an answer”, in the language of elementary school Arithmetic.  If you haven’t read any of the essays, here are two:

Readers will therefore understand my confusion at the

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala  (in the sender’s address)

when I first started receiving press conference releases “Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala”, not as personal mail but with the heading –


 News Release”.

I have nothing more to say if the “Federal” Minister of Finance sends out correspondences, no matter whether it is a press release or whatever at google free mail; Madam, even google has a business paid plan; see!   The “.gov” or anything like that, however, is the most appropriate because it is madness of a sort to have a “federal” ministry using “@yahoo” or “@gmail”.

PS.  The “yahoo address” in the title is not real!

THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014.  7:45 p.m. [GMT]

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