Siesta time by African leaders at UN Summit: comments worth sharing – A.O. Ajetunmobi

May 15, 2014

Africa, World

MUGABE RESTING AT UN SUMMITMugabe resting and, perhaps, dreaming of his humongous wealth at UN Summit, one of Africa’s nightmares about Africa’s “leaders”


The following submission by Dr. Ajetunmobi was circulated among a discussion group on the sleepers at a UN Summit, and looks briefly at the old stereotype of whether Africans are innately pre-disposed to “retardation” of  development because of some “innate and immutable genes”.


The sleeping postures displayed of certain African leaders, whether in genuineness or fake, in the forwarded email (below) seem to lend credence to the premise of Nicholas Wade’s recent book, A Troublesome Inheritance; Genes, Race and Human History, officially released last week, precisely May 6. The book claims that human beings were not, after all, the same under the skin, and that genetics lied behind the emergence of Europe and parts of Asia as economic powerhouses of the world.  
I’ve managed to get a copy of the book yesterday to acquaint myself of the sorts of scientific evidence Mr Wade had in mind to dispel the comforting message that biologists sent to the social scientists in the 1960s—that they were sure that there was no biological basis for race, which could instead be regarded as a social construct. Unfortunately, while reading through the book, I was, however, struck by a statement which I think is apt to the message being conveyed to us by the alleged African leaders’ sleeping postures. Mr Wade wrote, in support of human genetic differences:
In the early 1960s Ghana and South Korea had similar economies and levels of gross national product per capita. Some thirty years later, South Korea had become the 14th largest economy in the world, exporting sophisticated manufactures. Ghana had stagnated, and GNP per capita had fallen to one fifteenth that of South Korea. ‘It seemed to me that culture had to be a large part of the explanation,’ the political scientist Samuel Huntington remarked in pondering this divergence of economic fates. ‘South Koreans valued thrift, investment, hard work, education, organization, and discipline. Ghanaians had different values. (Wade, Nicholas (2014) A Troublesome Inheritance; Genes, Race and Human History. New York, US: The Penguin Press, p. 116)
Could it be said that Ghanaians, and indeed Africans, have certain innate and immutable genes responsible for the retardation of their development, compared to those of South Koreans which, in actual fact, aided their own development? At that point, one might want to speculate whether it was also  the genes that made the African leaders in the alleged posture to dose off, while their counterpart leaders from other parts of the world, albeit, with different genes, remained awake throughout when they “were deliberating on energy and power.”
Although Mr Wade’s book is already generating controversy in Europe, North America and other parts of the world, not least, for re-asserting the exaggerated stereotypes of half of last century about racial difference in behaviour, it is hard to imagine why, for example, the hands of many an African clock are not just standing still, but are spinning backwards.
AO Ajetunmobi  
THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014.  5:25 a.m. [GMT]


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2 Comments on “Siesta time by African leaders at UN Summit: comments worth sharing – A.O. Ajetunmobi”

  1. Layi Says:

    This is very shameful. Are these people serious in what they are doing?



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Prof.,

      Thanks for weighing in on this. Very very shameful, and a disgrace to us all.

      Several years ago in the States, you might have caught the comments of one of those Senators who spend lifetimes at the Senate but despite his near-senility, he was alert enough to have once remarked that African leaders attend UN summits, conferences, etcetera because of the food that would be served! Who knows how these shameless “leaders” act at buffet-type meals, perhaps piling their dishes so high it makes others not want to eat? It happens daily at Nigeria’s Confab going on right now because newspapers carry photographs of parasitic snoozers who earn – pardon me, they do not EARN it – who are paid $25,000 monthly.

      Those remarks came to me as I started writing this: with very full stomachs, what is next but sleep, especially when these leaches are not interested – nor understand – what is being deliberated on?




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