#BringBackOurGirls: President Jonathan won’t go to Chibok but went to Paris for rescue idea – Fayth Deleola Daramola

I just read that the president no longer wants to be addressed as Commander-in-Chief!  As the Yoruba would say in that kind of circumstance, O ga, o!  Dis na something else in the Pidgin equivalent of ‘That is something else’!    I beg, dis below na for ole time sake, o. TOLA:  


“Again, Jonathan Marks Independence in Aso Rock, Wears Military Uniform

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday marked the 52nd Independence Anniversary inside the Aso villa. Remarkably, that was the second time in a row that the country’s leader shunned public commemoration …”  Follow the link below.






“I am hurting and mad. I have never felt like this in years about Nigeria and our leaders. The more I think about it, the more am pissed off and drawn to hopeless tears. I just can’t understand why the president chose to cancel the scheduled trip to Chibok but ran to Paris for rescue idea. Already, I personally believe the Americans shouldn’t have been allowed to size up our military’s valor but that is now too late. Now, they have evaluated everything that is Nigeria and they are running their mouth about how useless, cowardice and corrupt our leadership is.”


“You know from history, they never leave the country they claimed to help the same way they met it.  Go ask Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and ehm…”


“And no free cup of coffee in America! We would still pay for the ‘help’ through crude oil or something…you know”?


“Mehn! Our president fumbled big time…the dude didn’t want to die…”


“But it is okay for him to wear the highest ranked Service uniforms for the different services every Armed Forces Day in Nigeria. Even when he never served a day in any of the national armed forces”?


“Well, because he’s the Commander-in-Chief…”


“The more reason why he should have lived up to that title. Now that the opportunity presented itself to really earn that, he docked! diaris God, oo!” [There is God, o o!]


“You know he never really looks confident in those uniforms? He just confirmed that he’s not in control of the armed forces when he can’t trust his retinue of security! Even Shekau (the Boko Haram boss) appears more confident than the president of Nigeria”.


“That’s why the United States has said that the Nigerian military is becoming afraid of engaging the Boko Haram insurgents. Testifying on Thursday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the US Air Force Chief of staff, Gen. Mark Welsh III, said, “We’re now looking at a military force that is, quite frankly, becoming afraid to even engage”


“Sad. Same Nigerian Armed Forces? That bad”?


“Yup. Sad”.


MONDAY, MAY 19, 2014.  5:24 a.m. [GMT]

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2 Comments on “#BringBackOurGirls: President Jonathan won’t go to Chibok but went to Paris for rescue idea – Fayth Deleola Daramola”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    To have allowed foreign intelligence to size up our security/military might is a mistake of the first order. It’s a security risk that can be used against us anytime or can be leaked out to any nation in conflict with us anytime. Russia will not allow that, ditto China or Japan, no matter what. It would have been better to leave them guessing of the level rather than giving it to them on a platter of gold. Of course it is a way to admit defeat by the Boko Haram. These idiots could have been dealt with way back in the past when they had not been so fortified. But the President was either playing with them with kid gloves or afraid to step on the toes of some powerful persons in the country. After all, the President admitted in the past that Boko Haram people are every where in his government and even said he knew their sponsors. But he could not take the bold step to arrest the known sponsors or order the army to flush the terrorists out of the country just as done in 1980 or ’81 by the then Chief of Army Staff Major Gen Mohammadu Buhari against the Niger insurgents/Maitasine that time. A stitch in time saves nine so the saying goes.

    The recent mutiny of our army boys in one of the Maiduguri barracks is a pointer that some personnel are toying with the lives of our young officers. They were not well equipped coupled with the fact that the necessary back-up troops and air force did not show up in an operation until they were ordered to come back. This act as alleged is very grave and points to the fact that some fifth columnist were at work exposing our troops to danger and indirectly working for the terrorists against the country they swore to defend. The GOC of that battalion was only transferred from the barracks and only God knows if the case would not be swept under the carpet. He should have been arrested and court-martialled. Though, they say investigation is going on and I wish they will not use those junior officers as scapegoats.

    The President should know that the lives of Nigerians are much more important and valuable than those who are working as enemies of the country. This is not a time to be toying with the security of the nation. Those suspected of subversive actions against the nation should be investigated no matter their positions in the society. If found guilty they should be made to face the stiffest punishment of the land. We have lost too many lives, others are in captive while a gross number are in the hospitals nursing injuries. Properties have been lost and many have become homeless talk less of those their families cannot locate anymore.

    Enough is enough. Decisive actions have to be taken now against the terrorists, though we need the cooperation of the neighboring African States up to Sudan in this fight. There is nothing to be done now as to the security foreigners in the country because any harsh decision to ask them to leave will be seen as an after thought. After all, they have seen the level of our military might but their movements should hence be curtailed and a time frame should be set for them to leave the country.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks for this long and thorough look at Nigeria’s security during these difficult times of Boko Haram and the kidnapped girls. By the way, I’ve never stopped wondering how those girls were taken out of Chibok in multiple vehicles through a town that was supposed to be under emergency rule. The powerful people who made this possible are perhaps the same group that the president told the world are all over government, including his cabinet.

      If Jonathan really knows Boko Haram sponsors but cannot name them, it’s no wonder why he could not visit Chibok, but one day, the people the president is presumably afraid of would really come to scare all of us more than they are doing right now.

      Fatai, I really find it difficult to worry about Nigeria’s security being any more open to Westerners, particularly the Americans because those countries can get any information they want. The bribe taking-civil servants will see to that. Remember, late Mike Wallace of CBS’ 60 Minutes once obtained a Nigerian Passport, no thanks to a “civil” servant who “helped” him complete his application form that showed Mike was a real Lagosian. I’d suggest you relax and worry less about these things because we are so far down in the gutter now that perhaps none of the people in government nor aspiring to be can save us. Only a general house cleaning can get Nigeria out of the big mess we are in.

      As for how “these idiots” became so fortified that it is difficult to deal with them, we really have to go back to Obasanjo’s presidency to see how Muslim extremism grew wings. Under his IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY, a governor p–d on the Nigerian Constitution or w hatever of it we’ve had since every head of state – with the exception of his military headship, by the way – when a Northern State was declared by its governor as a state under Sharia law. Obasanjo was too preoccupied on remaining president through his ill-fated tenure elongation to fight the (then) affront to raise a finger.

      Like most of the ills that have now thrown Nigeria into utter mess, Obasanjo therefore, is to blame just as a matter of record as that is no comfort on the matter of Boko Haram, corruption and other ills that have made Nigeria worse than a laughing stock in the world.

      Thanks v. much, and my regards,



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