Nigeria’s National Conference: “Regional Autonomy or Nothing” – Toba Alabi


Regardless of our failings as a group, these values are, and they have proven, powerful enough to sustain us.  The shame of it all is that many of our youths, our future, have all become too ‘modern’ and too Nigerian to truly understand their indigenous values, their true source of strength.  Worse still, too many have bought into the ideology that our salvation depends on how well we master and use foreign systems or ideas, be they language, religion, politics, economics etc. etc…
I think the values described as quintessentially Yoruba in the article Toba shares are universally African indeed. Anyone who has lived among Africans other than the Yoruba will most likely remember the generosity and flexibility so aptly described in the article.  The problem is that as soon as modern African elite, particularly the politicians, gather under the artificial umbrellas bequeathed unto them by their former overlords, or in the names of imposed religions and economic arrangements, they quickly forget the basic and meaningful humanity that binds them and perhaps other humans around the globe!

“The Yoruba people arrived in Nigeria as a strong urban civilisation that had predisposed us to much openness – in political life, to free discourse, free contests, free choices, societal independence, the individual prides in his worth – what the Western world calls democratic behavior and Yoruba people call Omoluabi.

Part of that openness is that Yoruba people concede the right of individuals to practice the religion of their choice – we do not quarrel or fight over religion. Yoruba people accept foreigners and non-indigenes into their midst and are hospitable to them and, if they desire to live with us or stay longer, to absorb them into our communities. Yoruba people are sympathetic towards, and supportive of enterprise and the enterprising person – irrespective of their ethnic nationality. As a nation and a people, Yoruba are confident and fearless, and possess an acute sense of justice with clear definition of vision and leadership…


FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2014.  7:02 p.m. [GMT]

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