“Justice is not a spectator… A call to urgent action by the Church of Christ in Nigeria – Lay Canon Adebisi Sowunmi

May 26, 2014


Dear fathers-in-God,
Please find below an edited and expanded response I just sent to a senior brother of mine who said that “justice is not a spectator. The people (in Nigeria) have to rise and demand justice from our past and present leaders”. His piece was in reaction to recent reports of how former leaders in other countries have been imprisoned for corruption, in sharp contrast to the situation in Nigeria, and in light of the USA’s scathing, comprehensive, honest and even passionate analysis of the current happenings in our country — a document which I shared with some of you a few days ago–the main point of which was that pervasive and unaddressed corruption is the root cause of our present predicament and which is making it very difficult for the US to offer requisite assistance.
I am moved this early Sunday morning (it’s about 3am where I am now — outside the country) to share the piece below with you all.

It’s more than about time that we demanded restitution and deserved punishment for so-called leaders whose unconscionable and pathological looting of our national and state treasuries, treasonable acts, ineptitude, betrayal of innocent victims of the horror and gruesome terrorism of Boko Haram, and impunity have brought all these calamities, national and international disgrace, impoverishment, and bewilderment on us.

How we need Desmond Tutus, Martin Luthers, Martin Luther Kings,Jr.,the South American priests who led their people to freedom through their active preaching of “liberation theology”, to lead the crusade for a thorough purging of the land, in the spirit of Nehemiah, Ezra and Isaiah! How our people need to be led to know that “faith without works is dead”, I.e., it is not enough to pray; prayer is not an end in itself but a means to receiving divine strength, courage, and direction to be the instruments of God in bringing about the healing and restoration of our land, starting with the penitence and repentance of the Church!

I strongly believe that all the satanic and demonic terror and the unimaginable scale of corruption in our land are a form of pestilence such as is referred to in 2 Chronicles 7:13, for which the solution is in 2 Chronicles 7:14. I have always advocated that the latter verse should not be used in isolation as we always do, but situated in the context of the former verse.

The Church in Nigeria needs a revival so that she can be in the forefront of the urgent move to lead Nigeria out of our present predicament.

 I humbly urge our Church leaders in CAN to call an urgent, episcopal convocation on the issues I have raised here. Enough of this national disgrace, the sacrificing of innocent souls to either instant killing or a gradual, excruciating one like that of the Chibok girls, impoverishment of the masses, loss of respect for the sanctity of human life, criminal and treasonable acts of corruption by God-less so-called leaders.

One’s heart bleeds to learn of,eg: billions of Naira purportedly released for security yet all we get is embarassing, heart-rending and most bizarre escalation of insecurity; those who stole billions of Naira through the petrol subsidy scam are yet to be brought to justice with a refund of their loot; the trial of former public officers who stole public funds is being stalled, etc.

We are heading for a bloody revolution if prompt action is not taken.
I thank you for your anticipated response as I commend you to God’s grace and the guidance and enablement of the Holy Spirit.
Yours in the service of our Lord, the Prince of peace and justice,
Bisi Sowunmi
Lay Canon Sowunmi retired from Nigeria’s premier University, the University of Ibadan as a professor of Archaeology.
MONDAY, MAY 26, 2014.  4:55 a.m. [GMT]
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