THAT Delta flight from Lagos to Atlanta: Questions left unanswered

June 11, 2014


Nigeria has become a patsy because it has no spine of its own.  I do not know where the guys were travelling from before Lagos or whether they lived in Lagos but Mali, their country, is much nearer the US than Lagos.

Many people carry Nigerian passports even though they are not Nigerians by birth or by naturalization.  Late Mike Wallace of CBS once reported how he was issued a Nigerian passport on a Lagos visit!  How?  Money speaks tons in the star-crossed country.

If the worst had happened, Nigerians would have become perhaps the most hated people in the world.


Map of the World showing how close to Senegal and how far from Nigeria Mali is.  [Photo Credit:  Google]




Hello ma,

Did you read the punch’s story below? But..why would ALL world media and particularly, our own Sahara Reporters keep a deafening mum about the incident? At least the electric sparks only is scary enough for air transportation.



Dear Yemi, and thanks for this.

The loud silence surprised me so much that as soon as I got the mail from Dr. Opawoye, I first checked SAHARA REPORTERS & PREMIUM TIMES and found nothing.  I asked if I could use the story and went ahead once he told me he (more than) knows Engineer Samuel.

I knew Mali is very far from Lagos but I checked a world map to have an idea of how really far and found it’s close to a major West Coast of African port at Dakar before responding to Fatai Bakare’s comments.   That’s the reason for using “merry-go-round” in responding to the comments on the story by the “Old Boy” of St. Charles, the channel that sent me the story because I wondered how the guy’s murderous journey did not arouse the suspicion of Nigeria’s Immigration.

As for the global loud silence, everybody that I spoke with after publishing the story was very surprised and we offered various conjectures:  was there a request from Nigeria to keep it silent because of Nigeria’s already-ruined reputation as a hotbed of terrorism?  Is there a link with the missing Malaysian plane which, one blog visitor audaciously suspects, was hijacked by international terrorists who had it flown to a remote island where everybody was murdered and the plane kept in hiding?  And the DELTA plane was to be added  so that the Muslim terrorists who claim they are doing God’s will can have many planes which would be used one after the other to cause major havoc around the world where America has interests as they can NEVER fly anywhere near US airspace?

What, why …?

Now, to tell the world that it was an operations problem adds to those questions because Engineer Samuel knows what they saw and went through, including their being told not to remove overhead bin luggage when they got out and HAVING THEIR LUGGAGE SEARCHED.

The world awaits a credible explanation from DELTA and other agencies.

Regards, as always,


Dear Tola,
Any more details? Like how did the US Marshall’s discover the handcuffed terrorists and knew there was a bomb on board? I am told the news has not been reported in Nigeria, how did you get to know? 

It’s blood chilling.  S. BISI



I am as surprised and scared as you and as we all must be.

F. Regards,




Tuesday, June 10, 2014.
Why Lagos-Atlanta flight landed in Senegal – Delta Air
by Punch
Delta Airlines has confirmed that one of its Atlanta-bound airliners was diverted to Dakar, Senegal on Monday.
While confirming the incident, itsaid the flight was diverted to Dakar for “precautionary reasons” as against the notion that explosives were found aboard as was earlier speculated.
Delta Airlines Director Corporate Communications, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Olivia Cullis, said, “Delta flight DL55 from Lagos to Atlanta diverted to Dakar, Senegal for precautionary reasons.
“After a short stop, the flight resumed to the United States. The safety and security of our passengers and crew is our number one priority.”
There had been speculations that a passenger on the airliner had explosives on him, with the intention of blowing up the plane.
An unexpected electrical fault in the plane did not help matters as it further sparked more suspicion.
A passenger, Editi Effiòng, who was aboard the plane, had tweeted that the Atlanta-bound airliner had been diverted to Dakar, amid suspicion of a suspected bomber onboard.
On his twitter handle,@EditiEffiong had tweeted, “Dunno what that guy was trying to do, but the electronic systems on the plane shut down! Lights were flickering everywhere…How do you smuggle a bag with dynamite on a plane. Unbelievable stuff.


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11, 2014.  7:22 a.m. [GMT]

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12 Comments on “THAT Delta flight from Lagos to Atlanta: Questions left unanswered”

  1. Falade A.G. Says:

    Distrust is growing daily; this is one of the signs of the ”End Time.” The relatives of the ill-fated Malaysian MH 370 passengers are raising funds to launch their own independent investigation, because they believe important information are being hidden from the public. I can see a similarity with this case in the present Delta Airlines saga. People are bound to react this way when facts don’t tally. An additional fact, which is often difficult to obtain may explain everything.

    Let me relate a personal experience, which I hope may cast light on this. After the interview on Flash FM 105.5 on Saturday, 10 May, 2014, I requested for the audio tape recording, which Edmond Obilo, who anchored the programme ”Voices” promptly provided me. But, alas the tape was empty. Edmond Obilo gave me another tape and apologized profusely. Again, it was empty! Then, ”something ” told me to go back to the first audio tape and play it on my laptop CD player. And it played well. Then, I tried the second tape, it didn’t play. I played again the first tape, and it became ”blank” again. I gave it to a friend, who reported fantastic audio quality. Answer: My laptop CD player is faulty and ”temperametal.” I THANKED MY STARS, I DIDN’T COMPLAIN TWICE TO EDMOND OBILO.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Prof.,

      Thanks for this and the anecdote. As you rightly note, “people are bound to react this way when facts don’t tally” and DELTA’S “explanations” do not tally with reports of passengers and the purported reason for diversion; it mainly further deepens the suspicion of most. If the plane was diverted to Dakar for operational reason, why did so much effort go into searching the passengers AND their luggage and why the apparently jittery actions of asking passengers not to touch their overhead bin hand luggage?

      Can I stretch the imagination-run-wild further in lieu of logical explanations from DELTA: why did religious terrorists attack Karachi airport?





      In whose interest will Delta Airlines be lying if someone tries to bomb their plane? How can anyone believe the Press can totally be so bought globally? I cannot match it! I can’t! I supposed we ought to realize that Delta Airline is a foremost organized corporation with Billions of Dollars investment. Why would they seek to lie if a group or an individual attempt to bomb their plane? That they distributed (a) hard-copy of their corporate release (apology) to all passengers is enough to inform us the way to think and perceive the incident. We should also know that Nigerians were not the only passengers in that aircraft. If truly, any passenger feels the Airline is lying or hiding something, it is the best time for class action and get rich! What a lifetime opportunity?!,..particularly with the apology at hand.. They SHOULD ask the court of law either in Nigeria or in the USA to compel Delta Airlines to say the ALLEGED truth. In my opinion, Delta Airlines did not lie AT ALL neither did they seek to hide anything because they know the implication in their home base. They sure know more than that. We should therefore be seen as being objective in our postulations despite the emotional exuberance(s). This is an incident in a global space. We should realize that what we are writing now will be seen by many generations to come. They must read perfect objectivity in our analysis.



      • emotan77 Says:

        Dear Yemi,

        Of course I, as well as those who see two passengers’ experience in the matter of the diverted plane and Delta’s explanation as not adding up realize as much as you do that it was “an incident in a global space” and, perhaps, an insignificant one at that. It is true that reality is generally dependent on many things and as such, you and I may be shown the exact same thing but we would describe the thing very differently.

        Did the Malaysian plane with hundreds of parts made of plastic fall into the ocean and not a single one has been found floating?

        The explanation given by DELTA does not meet what, in my opinion and those of many, is credible for a plane in distress and until that is done, skeptics like me would remain unconvinced that “operational” distress led to the Dakar return.

        You have my regards, as always,



        Aunty Tola,
        My logic for stretching this incident is for logical objectivity. Whenever we have overwhelming evidence(s) as portrayed by the victims in that near air mishap, we should always take it further. We are too much in the habit of keeping quiet in the face of dirty, questionable and degrading humiliations. Folks in America and Europe would have flooded the Courts with charges and claims if the allegations were true. This is the only way corporations are forced to be responsible to their customers. This is why we must be sure of what we peddle so as not to be caught with libel too. Yahoo just published the scandal at World cup opening where Niger’s flag was displayed instead of Nigeria’s. Have we protested this scandal officially? How many Nigerians even cared about this malady? Shall we again toe the usual way of just complain and let it go for ever? North Koreans refused to play when they were so humiliated in 2012 London Olympics. We ought to be doing more than complain whenever we have overwhelming evidence(s) to press charges. This is the way law and order are maintained and sustained in every progressive polity.


      • emotan77 Says:

        Dear Yemi,

        I mean, why not? If an argument or a point needs to be discussed further to throw more light on it, there’s no reason we shouldn’t.

        Now, about the flag issue, thanks v. much for drawing my attention to it because I was not aware of it. It’s more than disgraceful and it’s something the team leaders should have taken up right there, perhaps with a call or two to Lagos but then Nigeria’s President E.G. Jonathan was at the ceremony and should have given the team leader instruction on immediate correction. I have it up to share with blog visitors.

        Nigeria is not a litigious society but the DELTA flight wahala goes beyond taking legal action because it is important that DELTA tell us what actually happened to that flight and it is from there I hope that travellers can proceed on what action to take.

        These people know what they saw!



  2. emotan77 Says:


    Kaaro o.

    Hmmm. The “story” from Delta really makes the bizarre event not only more scary and perplexing but confounding, sinister, cruel, and highly suspicious.

    What is the truth they are trying to cover up? It has shown more than ever before that it is dangerous to trust in Man for help, especially if the help-seeker has effectively forsaken God as our nation’s leadership has done, evidenced by glorification of corruption and pathological selfishness and self-centerdness. Instead of working together to face and overcome our serious predicament and real threat to the survival of the nation and the safety and welfare of the ordinary Nigerian, key elements among the so-called leaders — more aptly named DEALERS — are dissipating energy scheming on how to continue draining the country’s resources, and/or making enemies of those who truly are friends while courting real enemies as friends.

    One would have thought that instead of playing the ostrich as usual, the government would make its own investigations from credible eye-witnesses and alert the nation. Silence in this case is NOT golden but ominous and unpatriotic.

    The majority of Nigerians need to be alerted; our destiny is in our own hands, under God’s guidance and protection, undergirded by Divine wisdom.

    Thanks for the follow-up.
    S. BISI



    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks, v. much S. Bisi, and how right you are about what leads to such ills: corruption everywhere, especially at Immigration & Customs where interests seem to be more on “what do you have for us” rather than in checking thoroughly what passengers carry. I’ll bet that people can actually smuggle things once they are “important” or are ready to pass money around.

      I agree, too, that Delta needs to allay the fears of the public because its “explanations” simply make a bad case, worse.

      F. Regards,




    From Punch’s report, certainly there was no bomb at all. Yet there was allegation of ‘cache of bomb found’ It is normal for security checks to be conducted when certain behaviors/activities from individuals are noticed. The US should be commended many times over for being actively proactive. Those of us who live in the US go through these types of random checks all the times particularly if we have anything to do with government offices/complexes. What people should not do is to expand rumors or arrive at conclusion when they have no details about incidents. Delta Airlines, being a corporate organization, knows better than giving false information in circumstance like the incident described. I think diverting the plane to Dakar and conducting further checks on luggage(s) were in the passengers’ safety interest. My own take is, by now, we are supposed to have diverse photographs of the so called hand-cuffed guy(s) all over the internet blogs. At least, passengers have their IPAD, smartphones and other electronic devices. So, where are the pictures? Where are the videos? These will help us verify the facts. I believe Delta Airlines will not hide facts because their thriving business is at stake. We can explore further from the eye witnesses.
    Adeyemi Adetoye



    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks Yemi.

      Those who travel around a lot are used to the security precautions always in play, especially in the U.S.A. but even by the standard of the hair-trigger security consciousness in the States, the situation described not only by Engineer Samuel but also by Editi Effiong in his/her tweet are out of the ordinary:

      “Dunno what that guy was trying to do, but the electronic systems on the plane shut down! Lights were flickering everywhere…How do you smuggle a bag with dynamite on a plane. Unbelievable stuff.

      Who knows, there may be other communication bits and pieces out there circulating. I’m sure you’ll also agree that protecting their passengers’ safety is paramount but [sort of] letting it all hang out is not in the interest of any airline company, especially at this start to the lucrative summer season.

      It is Delta that must find an acceptable and calming median between increasing panic and not giving out sufficient info which is the real antidote to rumor mongering. I do understand your point but like most people, Delta does have a major p.r. problem on its hand. Of the ten people or so that I discussed with and those who dropped short notes to my email last night, “scary”; “something is being kept from the passengers and the public”, and, ominously for airlines, “one should cancel trips this year” are among expressed views.




      • Deleola Says:

        I think the ‘real’ news is still being kept. I also know that Delta Airlines has so much to loose if they are hiding the truths. They can’t be stupid to hide behind government’s instructions of not saying what they know about any terror attempt. They can only delay it, they can’t suppress it.

        Governments too are obliged to let the public know of such terror attempt on a USA-bound Airplane. Benghazi is still hanging on both Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton till tomorrow!

        In American press code, you know it, you report it. Except if it is security concerns, soon, the press will report it, more so, it has nothing to do with American government’s laxity; why hide the truth?

        The good news is that the plans of the wicked did not come to pass. We didn’t have to weep over innocent souls.
        Deleola Daramola


      • emotan77 Says:

        Dear Dele,

        I agree with you on EVERY POINT, especially the American press code. It’s one of the reasons I took the blog route being based mostly in Nigeria where self-censorship by the press is rampant. I write what I know to be the truth most of the time!

        My regards,


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