Watch It Swallow An Entire Tree In Seconds – Robert Krulwich/NPR



They are called excavator mulchers. That’s polite. What they really do is swallow trees. This one, a DAH Forestry Mulcher,  from Quebec’s manufacturer , Denis Cimaf, consumes a 30-foot-tall, mature spruce (starting at the top, landing at the bottom) in 15 seconds. The tree that was, suddenly isn’t.


Read the rest of the essay and watch the incredible action at:


TUESDAY, JULY 8, 2014. 5: 50 a,n, [GMT]


NPR is the U.S. National Public Radio

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2 Comments on “Watch It Swallow An Entire Tree In Seconds – Robert Krulwich/NPR”

  1. Falade A.G. Says:

    Despite the bringer of the Truth in the ”Grail Message” admonishing us to ensure that our spirit should always direct our intellect, He also affirmed that the intellect is ethereal, i.e., it’s higher than the physical. Therefore, it can ”rule” the physical world. He predicted toward the middle of the 20th century that our masterpieces were yet to come. I think this is one of them. BUT, PLEASE CONFIRM THIS MIRACLE MACHINE BEFORE I SPREAD THE NEWS.

    I also saw ”Hyundai” label on this machine. Is it a product of South Korea? South Korea recently gave us the first curved screen television! South Korea was on the same level of development with Ghana a few decades ago. How many times do I have to say that development does not solely lie in brain power, but in the spirit?



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Prof.,

      Of course, it IS true. The National Public Radio (NPR) may not be funded directly by the US government but is a public entity and the stories are meant to be shared. While this mulcher – what an insignificant word for such a monstrosity – is on another level, I’ve watched on tv magazine programs industrial machines that do incredible things. Please feel free to share. It’s a bit like watching one of those old huge hotels in Vegas go down in minutes by dynamite but THIS is really something else.

      And, oh yes, if it says HYUNDAI, it must be Korean. Development cannot rely solely on brain power as you point out. I feel the spirit of a people derives partly from how they feel about their country which also derives from what commitment they see their country’s leadership put into meeting the aspiration and well-being of the citizens.

      Regards, & thanks for your insight,



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