2014 World Cup Wrap-up: Germany & the football “geniuses”, Brazil’s gloom and doom, et cetera – Tola Adenle

July 12, 2014


Oh, the “great” Germans who disgraced/destroyed … Brazil with a 7-1 win are starting to get on my nerves: Klose is this, Klose is that; Germany ARE this, Germany ARE that.  I say thanks, but no thanks and I add:  not so fast but you are free to say,

What d’you mean?  They demolished Brazil, they may be the greatest to ever play football …

I say, how can you “demolish” a team whose spirit is low, a team whose most effective defender AND forward are out?

You say, Germany has always been great blah blah blah.

Okay, let’s recap, or at least allow me to recall a little of the Germany that I have always known, the TECHNICIANS of German football.  Do not get me wrong: technicians in all fields of endeavor are very fine people and they earn very decent pay to go with their knowledge but in sports for me, they are no-no and I guess it’s the same for most sports fans.

That is the reason for the love for Brazil football, Michael Jordan in basketball, Thierry Henry in football, Serena Williams in tennis, et cetera; it’s called ARTISTRY. Fans are mesmerized by Jordan’s moves and same goes for Brazilian football.

Here, though, is my opinion of German football, 7-0 “humiliation” of Brazil or not, rendered in verse, and this is from way back:

“Worns sees red/ be4 team sees defeat/in the hands of Croatia/3-0 score /in Lyon Qrtrs ‘98”. 

Four years later in South Korea, it was of Klose that I quipped: “Why do Germans always foul out?  Because they are technicians.” A yellowing half-page of the [Nigerian] National Concord of July 23, 1998 with Worns in the usual pose of two hands on the head  and – he didn’t do anything – look of his teammate at the red card, AND another paper in ’02 showing Klose gazing at Collina’s red card explain above quip. 

[“2010 World Cup Series, 3/3: hurrah to South Africa; hurray to artistry!”, Nigeria’s The Nation on Sunday, July 25, 2010.]

Brazilians, hold up your heads and start re-building again.  You gave the world a joyful tournament until the Colombian decided to go for the man and not the ball.  Whatever, by the way, happened to the guy?

I go for Argentina tomorrow but even if Germany wins, they would never win the heart of world’s football fans.


SATURDAY, JULY 12, 2014.  8:10 p.m. [GMT]




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