Comments worth sharing: Nigeria to borrow $1 billion to fight Boko Haram – Adegoke Falade/Tola Adenle
Falade, A.G. Says:

July 17, 2014 at 7:42 am e

2015 election is around the corner…

If I were a senator or a member of The House of Representatives, I’ll suggest the equipment
worth of US$1.0 billion should be approved, and not the liquid cash!



A promise, then a trust - AND a collosal betrayal.  Picture from emotanafricana Library, 11/2011

A promise, then a trust – AND a colossal betrayal. Picture from emotanafricana Library, 11/2011  [Credit:  Depo Adenle]

emotan77 Says:
July 17, 2014 at 2:07 pm e

Dear Prof.,

Thanks for this, and how very correct.

But isn’t it amazing that Nigerians have been rendered jaded by colossal amounts of money? When billions are mentioned in Naira, it barely gets a so-what shrug because a single top politician or top civil servant pockets multiples of that from one transaction with no repercussion.  A billion U.S. Greenbacks? Well, may be DECENT enough for a Minister to pocket.

Let’s think about it: US $1 billion is a huge amount of money to use to fight Boko Haram that got out of hand in the first place because the group did not get more than a once-over by government and actually got gestated under the General Obasanjo’s presidency when he allowed a state governor to p – – on the Constitution by declaring sharia and getting away with it.  Secondly, what did government spend the $6 billion for security in the current budget for? Even to prosecute elections as we know them, N180 billion Nigerian Naira is a lot of money to throw around.
Who will lead Nigeria to a stage where you will have to prove you have not stolen if your lifestyle is higher than what you earn as it’s done in Singapore. Policemen openly ask for bribe in Nigeria without it calling for raised eyebrows. Young kids out of universities think and talk in billions of Naira (N1 billion is still around $6 million USD which is no chicken change even in highly productive economies unlike Nigeria’s where people make money they have not earned.
Equipment or “liquid cash” matters little because one can be pumped up or, as a relation elegantly (?) once put it, “supply and remove” while the other is less cumbersome.

It is a terrible system that has been weighed down by multiple administrations of corruption. The first time I heard that Nigeria’s premier university which is government-owned paid bribes to get its check/cheque released, I was shocked to my bone marrow. And that’s not all: as UI did, so did – and probably still do – the same Univ. of Ibadan and other government institutions, ministries within the “federal” set-up … and agencies all answering to the same government; otherwise, their checks won’t be released. Some young women and men have parlayed connections for these kind of routes to wealth: spending a couple of nights at Abuja and departing with checks meant for perhaps your uni. and others; the requisite 10% agency commission awaits.

I have often been baffled as to the sub-heads of expenditure a university or ministry or agency would pass these bribes which, in a way, would beget other corruption. A sort of – one for you, two for me.

Actually, most Nigerians like me would probably say, give the devil – Boko Haram – its due if Nigeria would know peace but we all know that loan would go the same way the $5 billion security vote allocated in the current budget went and there’s no peace in the country at state or Abuja level;  religious extremists would be  stronger even if the money is given straight to them.

These crookedness did not start under Jonathan, and somehow we believed he meant it having the idea that he is a man who would do what he said, especially that none would be spared of corrupt practices.  The ground is so fertile for corruption to germinate and breed more now that Stella Oduah and countless others are walking free; in this ethnocentric land, I understand that her “people” had a party to welcome her and congratulate her …!  So is Diezani Madueke who was not given the chance to prove all the allegations against her are false.  Rather, she got legal backing to emasculate one of the three arms of government.

Prof., Melo l’a ma ka ni eyin Adepele?



THURSDAY, JULY 17, 2014.  3:15 p.m. [GMT]



And a few of the comments from the man-in-the-street (commentators/bloggers) think of Nigeria & its president – TOLA. Thursday, July 17, 2014.  8:40 p.m. [GMT]

This Country makes billions of oil sales and they want others to pay for this. Sounds like any other African gov. give us money so we can fill our pockets and bank accounts and nothing ells

All he needs is your Name, Bank Account Number, and a small deposit to complete the transfer of funds…


As a Nigerian, I am extremely ashamed. This request is not only sickening but laughable. Nigeria? Request for 1 billion dollars? Despite all the money we have in that country? He should request that ALL the monies stolen by government officials be returned first…that will be more than 1 billion dollars, I can bet my life on that. Stupid clowns!!!!


There goes his retirement fund. Nowadays third world country presidents thinh one million is not enough to embezzle, he needs the billion with today´s economy.


How much of this loan is going to be diverted into his secret bank accounts?
I thought I’ll only Nigeria 419 scams in my spam email folder, now it’s in Yahoo front page. Wow! those dudes are really resourceful lol


Goodluck and his water buffalo of a wife are clowns. With all the billions in hidden bank accounts by corrupt government officials, as well as this poor excuse of a president. This ill gotten wealth could easily pay to fight Boko Haram. I hope the West turns him down. Unfortunately the west will fall for his tale of woe. As always.


Shall the money not be embezzled like the others?
He doesn’t need one billion to fight, he needs to talk to them and the billow can be used to build homes, schools and other facilities for the poor people.





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4 Comments on “Comments worth sharing: Nigeria to borrow $1 billion to fight Boko Haram – Adegoke Falade/Tola Adenle”

  1. ADENLE S. A. Says:

    Please correct yourself. The correct Yoruba proverb is “MELO LA MA KA LEYIN ADIPELE” ……NOT ADEPELE .ADEPELE is a YORUBA OYO PRINCESS’s NAME. ADIPELE means A dentition that is closely placed and OVERFILLED !!!



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Mr. Aden;e,

      Actually, the saying that I know is: Melo l’a ma ka l’eyin ADEPELE …”

      1. Pe le in Yoruba means tooth/teeth that has/have overgrown extra(s) as you’ve rightly defined the word.
      2. The saying is longer than the abbreviated form that we’ve all grown to know but I do not really have the exact words. It translates to: How many of Adepele’s teeth can we really count [since some are supposedly hidden behind others!];
      ti’waju XXX – the ones in front are xxx in number, the ones at the back xxx …

      Please transfer the title of this essay and any you may have in future along with your comments to from now on. I no longer visit the blog to comments, etcetera.

      What you should do is put these comments under the October 8 posting:
      All-Time Closing Stats for – Tola Adenle

      I will post the comments I have here there so that others can benefit and even make contributins.

      Thanks, and regards,



  2. ADENLE S. A. Says:

    Please do not blame Joe for the 1billion Weapon request! Let us know what you would have done given the circumstance we have found Ourselves !!! America etc will not sell weapons because they have a Great War to FIGHT. When they needed Slaves like you ,they Sold Weapons but when the Nigerian Dragon is about to go full Cycle , they will not “Sell Weapons to harras and kill so called helpless Citizens” …Boko Harram, pastors that sell Pawpaw seeds for blessings to their Gullible congregation ! They now have Universities from indiscipline and move about in JETS!!! What should we do to Run confusion that has Broken the Bone . Leave Joe alone if you do not have a superior idea to tame this Monster.



  3. stella Says:

    Goverment asks the group boko haram what they need; let us make peace now. We are all nigerians. Please, government.



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