Add your thoughts on the devastating ebola “outbreak” now at Nigeria’s doorstep – Tola Adenle

August 5, 2014


How very very tragic and pathetic!S. Bisi Report/Google maps

ReplyAugust 5, 2014 at 6:19 am e

  • Dear Sis.,

    Thanks for this.

    Another question that worries me now that the Lagos doctor relates to the spread of this disease considering how rapidly it spreads and the rapidity with which it kills those that come in contact through all those ways.

    How did it kill all those victims in the Congo years ago and how was it eradicated without any treatment having been found?  How were Congolese prevented from spreading it to nearby countries?

    With West Africans more mobile, and most especially Nigerians, are we not faced with a biological warfare with this supposed new “outbreak”? Three countries next to each other: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone suddenly become the front of the new “outbreak” and somehow, Mr. Patrick Sawyer whose sister supposedly had it and had died of the disease, had to visit Lagos and within a couple of days, Nigeria’s most densely-populated city is set to become a theatre of [ebola] war.

    How many patients at the Nigerian doctor’s hospital could have caught it? What of the poor doctor’s family and those he and his family must have been in close contact with? How many Nigerians are going to be wiped out by this “new outbreak” before we stop hearing of ebola until the next come-around?

    “Luckily”, a hopeful cure is suddenly found as it hopscotched from tiny Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone OVER Ivory Coast, Togo, Ghana, Benin to humongous Nigeria, a country of very itinerant people, and a fifth of all Africans where it would do far-reaching damage before it spreads around the world.  I’m no migration expert but with more than two hundred deaths in each of Guinea and Liberia, and with borders that are very porous by foot across the whole sub-region, it is incredible that Nigeria would be the next port of call of the deadly ebola.

    With AIDs which Russia-originated talks let out was also born in bottles and “started in Africa”, you could/can easily avoid it because of the singular way of catching it unless one was unlucky in the early days to have caught it through blood transfusion:  sexual transmission.  With ebola, nobody is safe, including new-born babies, those in the communities of nuns and other Catholic celibacy hold order clerics, centenarians, et cetera.

    While the miraculous near-complete healing of the infected Dr. Brantley with a “never-tested serum” inflight to the States is a hopeful message, it raises more questions along the line of thought expressed above.  As the late Mr. Sawyer became feverish – at the very least – and knowing that his sister had died of ebola and knowing he had helped cared for her, traveling out of one country for another did not sound good.  For a disease that was devastating where he lived, seeing a doctor should have been a first choice.

    What was Mr. Sawyer (an Americo-Liberian, I suppose because some say he’s Liberian while other reports say he is American) in Lagos for?

    I may be far off the mark but ALL the above trouble me.



    TUESDAY, AUGUST 4, 2018.  7.00 a.m. [GMT]






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4 Comments on “Add your thoughts on the devastating ebola “outbreak” now at Nigeria’s doorstep – Tola Adenle”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    Honestly speaking, we are not only troubled, we are in real danger. Nigeria is a porous-border country through real immigration and emigration control. The spread of the disease will be so perocious that within weeks it will spread across the length and breadth of the country. This will be another national calamity too much to imagine considering Boko Haram insurgency. Shall we be able to survive it? No one can tell. I am really afraid and alarmed. Hm-m, our usual consolation, may God save us. But we cannot sit down and fold arms. We have to do something to save ourselves.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      Thanks for weighing in on this important subject.

      It is nice that you and Prof. Falade are on the same page here: we have to do something and not believe prayers to a God who has given us brains to think through any problem will not come down to solve our problems for us. I can see the prosperity churches using this opportunity to rake in more money from their poor hapless cult followers. Thousands and thousands cross the Seme(Benin Republic)-Badagry(Nigeria) borders daily with loads, including animals, bush meat daily; ditto the other West African borders. There are other countless bush borders through Oyo North that come alive in the dead of nights with smugglers. It is the main reason why it amazes me how the virus can hopscotches over the nearest countries to the affected Guinea, Liberia and S/Leone even though it has taken hundreds of lives.

      In Nigeria, all a crossing by foot requires is the requisite bribe. It is only at Aflao, Ghana border with Togo that I’ve crossed by vehicle that I was not asked for a bribe in my life. Togo’s and Benin’s are perhaps even more corrupt than Nigeria’s borders.

      It is true we need to act and we need to act fast but my other questions that Prof. is not in a position to answer remain with the exception of the enlightenment offered on how the carrier could have traveled without knowing it. His response is that of the very educated while my doubts that he could not and should not have known he had the need for a med test after the death of his sister who died of the virus remains valid.

      Like you, most over in Nigeria are scared to death especially since there is very little we can do about it than keep clean.

      Sincere regards,



  2. Falade A.G. Says:

    Good morning ”auntie”,
    I made a comment on how it was possible for Mr. Sawyer to ”import” Ebola virus disease (EVD) to Nigeria, before the bad news of him infecting a Nigerian doctor that took care of him. But, somehow it didn’t make it to your blog.
    The Americans cannot be obliged to treat African patients with the ”wonder medicine” for various reasons.
    The bottom line is that Africans should wake up from their slumber and take their destinies in their hands!



    • emotan77 Says:

      Falade A.G.
      Submitted on 2014/08/03 at 3:00 pm

      My hypothesis: On entering the plane, the Liberian was towards the end of the incubation period of the Ebola virus infection. Then, just before landing in Lagos,he became suddenly sick with the first few symptoms of high fever, nausea and vomiting. The diagnosis was probably not immediately made. We must congratulate the doctor who made the diagnosis in a private hospital just before the terminal symptoms of bleeding.

      Submitted on 2014/08/03 at 5:54 pm | In reply to Falade A.G..

      Dear Prof.,
      Thanks for your explanation which I have no problem believing as it comes from a medical person. My questions of where in Lagos or the country he was visiting remains; so do the others because I read that the man had taken care of a sister who had the virus before it struck and killed her. We Yoruba say: ajẹ ke l’ana ọmọ ku l’oni …” Sort of talk of the devil!
      I think it’s kudos to the doctor and the private hospital where it was isolated considering the bad reputation that most private hospitals in Nigeria have.
      My regards, and I continue to await explanations on the man’s Nigeria planned itinerary. Who will explain to people like me how that sick man was allowed to travel to Lagos and DIE ON all Nigerians soon after arrival? – Tola Adenle

      Dear Prof.,

      Thanks for the additional contribution. Above shows your comments made it here and my response was posted.

      I wouldn’t want us to keep relying on others for what is the responsibility of our own failed system borne of bad leadership throughout most of the continent. What has been agitating my mind is a feeling of being possibly deceived and sacrificed with the aim of finding cures using real human experiments without knowing so and being told so. As a medical professor, you are very right to stand your ground and not be taken without producing evidence while mine, a layman, continues to wonder aloud and ask what to believe if it looks, feels and smells like a rat.

      My thanks, & regards,



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