EBOLA: Patrick Sawyer apparently deliberately imported the virus to Nigeria & “If we cannot control cholera, God help us if there is Ebola outbreak.”- Prof. Falade/Tola Adenle

August 9, 2014



Ebola: New Details Suggest Patrick Sawyer Escaped Quarantine In Liberia Before Heading To Nigeria – Sahara Reporters   AND


Words on Marble: “If we cannot control cholera, God help us if there is Ebola outbreak.” –





Falade, A.G. Says:
August 8, 2014 at 5:09 am e

What was going through late Sawyer’s mind as he scampered from Monrovia, Liberia to the planes(one to Lome, and the other to Lagos) that brought him to Lagos, Nigeria, we may not fully know. I could realize that my hitherto hypothesis was fatally wrong!
So, could it be that he didn’t want to infect fellow human beings, but he was FEROCIOUSLY DRIVEN BY THE EXCESSIVE LOVE OF MONEY to make the journey? Because, as an official of Liberia to the conference/meeting in Nigeria, he would have received estacode. I’m still investigating whether this is a manifestation of the FURIES at the End of Time.

emotan77 Says:
August 8, 2014 at 7:42 am e

Dear Prof.,

It’s our worst nightmare become reality.






Falade A.G. Says:
August 8, 2014 at 5:32 am e

Dear auntie,
You’re right in all your perspectives.
I delivered a guest lecture to the Osun State Medical Students Association, College of Medicine, UCH, Ibadan on Thursday, 24 July, 2014. The title coincidentally was: Our Failing Primary Health Care System: The Physician’s Response”. This topic was chosen by the promising medical, dental and physiotherapy students whose motto is … “health and knowledge from the living spring.”  [For benefit of non-Nigerian readers, “living spring” for Osun State, Nigeria is equiva lent to U.S. State of Minnesota’s “Land of Lakes”, New Hampshire’s “Live Free or Die”, et cetera.
An excerpt from the lecture is : “… It is clearly evident from above, considering the way we have been tinkering with Primary Health Care (PHC) or our national health systems in Nigeria that we have not, by any stretch of imagination moved nearer achieving the Alma–Ata concepts of any meaningful start of PHC.
I concluded thus: “Although several key measures of health system predict mortality in infants, children, and maternal mortality rates, at the national level, improving access to water and sanitation and reducing corruption within the health sector should become priorities.*

Nevertheless, I must commend the Lagos state Government and governor Fasola, as well as the Minister of Health, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu and the Federal Government, for all their efforts so far in curtailing the spread of the deadly Ebola virus disease.

Again, the “manifestation” of this particular epidemic, labelled as the most deadly, could be one of the signs of End of Time, notwithstanding all scientific explanations and reasons for this particular occurrence!

* Muldoon KA, Hogg S, Bendavid E, Galway LP, Mills EJ, Nakajima M. Health system determinants of infant, child and maternal mortality: A cross–sectional study of UN member countries. Globalization and Health 2011, 7:42 doi: 10.1186/1744- 8603-7-42



Dear Prof.,

Thanks for always contributing these learned perspectives to my blog.   Thanks, too, for acknowledging an uninformed opinion that just happened to have [sort of] hit the nail on the head. Can you believe that the man was said to have lain on his stomach at the airport somewhere writhing in pain and nobody saw anything and he got on that plane to Lagos  to “deal[ing] destruction, devastating doom” on Nigerians – from A.A. Watts’ Siege of Belgrade.  

Sawyer’s, though, was a single man’s siege of Nigeria.

While I was not aware of the new details when I first wondered aloud who could explain to me why Sawyer was allowed to “DIE ON” Nigerians, it baffled me the way he was supposed to have collapsed at the airport and how, a virus that devastated The Congo decades ago without any known cure, stopped and could suddenly resurrect again.  I wondered how it was eradicated back then, and with a mind that refused to ask questions back when the experts’ opinions told us how the HIV/AIDs virus evolved FROM AFRICA, the Russian-route explanation that I read back when, suddenly came up:  If AIDs virus grew from a bottle, couldn’t the EBOLA virus also have come out that way?

I was also troubled and felt suspicious because I knew that Nigeria was needed to make it a good Western propaganda story:  EBOLA ACROSS WEST AFRICA rather than a “limp” Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.  With the plague INTRODUCED through that man whose soul may not be able to leave Hades till the virus is cleansed from Nigeria, AND from West Africa, the ROBUST story was finally ready to leave the bakeries.

Is it not amazing that even the Phillipine strain is supposedly not a killer!

While what I’ve read and heard some dyed-in-the-wool American racists utter may be dismissed as rants, we must forever be on our collective guard:  a late U.S. senator once suggested cancerous chickens be sent to Africa rather than destroyed as – something like – “it would at least keep them alive for many years rather than their quick deaths of starvation.”  A university professor also suggested the same thing IN MY PRESENCE in the 70s in D.C.  though not in equally-inelegant words.

There are always research projects going on and while it is from these that the world continues to benefit immensely in medical, pharmaceutical … findings, there are also those that need never be taken beyond the early stages before being destroyed if by mistakes they get started.  For instance, there is one that I read about which a Japanese researcher is supposedly being asked to stop because of the grave danger it may pose to the human race. Will we, in a few years, read of another virus rampaging in Africa that would wipe out millions before it spreads worldwide?

People like me who are unencumbered by medical training or much education but with knowledge of what African leaders have made Africa become – despite her untold wealth – would not hesitate to think twice of possibilities out there of always portraying Africa as – among many things – a land where all sorts of viruses are born, would readily have seen the hands of Esau in Sawyer’s mad HOPSCOTCH dash to Nigeria.  I was already a Primary Five pupil in elementary school back when the French unleashed medical chaos through a mad scientist-type test in the Sahara.  The Influenza in Nigeria, among other places, was the outcome of that.

Prof., you can only be expected to think within your medical profession where evidences must be produced as proofs but this time, I guess we will, not “may” never know the real answer behind Sawyer’s mad dash to DIE ON NIGERIANS through medical explanations of incubation of the virus, et cetera,

My regards, as always,



SATURDAY, AUGUST 9, 2014.  6:10 a.m. [GMT]

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4 Comments on “EBOLA: Patrick Sawyer apparently deliberately imported the virus to Nigeria & “If we cannot control cholera, God help us if there is Ebola outbreak.”- Prof. Falade/Tola Adenle”

  1. Ajipeya Afunleyin Says:

    While discussing the motive behind Sawyer’s flight to Nigeria with a friend I wondered whether he or his sponsors were not guilty of genocidal war on Nigeria. The friend even called Sawyer a biological weapon of mass destruction.

    Donald Trump’s tweet that the missionaries who went to West Africa should not have been allowed to return to the USA and that they should face the consequences of traveling to West Africa is a give-away and a perhaps a little insight into who Sawyer’s sponsors could have been.

    Ajipeya Afunleyin



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Mr. Ajipeya,

      Thanks for this.

      Patrick Sawyer WAS a biological weapon of mass destruction that must have set out to DESTROY NIGERIA. What else is there to write?




  2. Femi Aborisade Says:

    Aunty, Could u pls ask the Prof who authors the paper on “Our Failing Primary Health Care System: The Physician’s Response” to kindly post the paper for our education, if it is not too technical for non-medical persons/students to comprehend. The outbreak of Ebola reflects the bleak future of Nigeria. Could the Ebola outbreak be a wake up call on the Nigerian ruling class to use the resources of Nigeria to abolish poverty rather than than looting them, considering that Ebola does not discriminate on the basis of wealth/socio-economic status?



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Femi,

      Thanks much for this.

      1. I’ll pass your very timely message to Professor Falade.

      2. My opinion is that primary health care is close to non-existence in Nigeria. The little bit that government is trying to do has been short-circuited by unscrupulous and, private clinics/medical centers whose operators are more of doctors supposed to be in practice than practising medical doctors. I cannot say much about the National Insurance Health benefit or whatever its name is but my only contact with the scheme was unpleasant and showed a system that has been hijacked by mostly incompetent medical practitioners who are just collecting windfall from the central government. The whole system of delivering health care to the masses has to be re-worked so that aspects from government would actually get to those for whom it is meant and not end up in the pockets of charlatans.




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