Road to Nigeria becoming a one-party State – Tola Adenle

August 29, 2014

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I just mentioned in passing in the Dr. Akute/Tola Adenle mails that Nigeria is on its way to becoming a one-party state and with the National Association of Students Union declaring for the president, the leaking dam will soon be broken and whatever little resistance the main opposition party, the APC has left, will, one way or the other, be removed through state’s powers.

Now, let me confess – unless it has not come across in write-ups on this blog – that I no longer belong to any party in Nigeria.  My commentaries are solely in the interest of Yoruba not losing their position on Nigeria’s gravy train queue; sad, but it is the way things are here.

When I declared publicly to vote for retired General Buhari for the presidency, an action that I noted in my essay for THE NATION ON SUNDAY in April 2011 would entail my splitting my vote as I was APC, I was mainly foreseeing a time like this.

I had hoped – against hopes – that the recent make-belief National Conference would table the matter of Independent Candidature that would make it possible to bypass party candidates and vote for those one actually knows. Now all that is too late as we descend the slope to the chaotic one-party state.

Naturally, many in academia will follow their students down the road of no-return as long as there is something in it for them.

While a very few in the APC would definitely not go down without fighting, most of their new-found allies who had decamped because of loss of personal positions, etcetera, would merely gravitate back to their old home. Right now, I’m not sure they are that comfortable where they TEMPORARILY find home.

How are most to forget their old M.O. of – “men of God” or not – snatching ballot boxes on election days or having killer squads on permanent salaries by the parties?

In one of the first few essays on this blog n March 30, 2011, I wrote:

“I think the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) must return to negotiations.  The party’s presidential candidate is worthy like Buhari but we cannot take Nigeria back from despoliation having two worthy combatants with near-similar ideologies in opposing camps …”

The PDP has grown more audacious since.  While one does realize that politics involve more than straight-forward reasoning (!), the compromise needed back then MUST have been the compromise the APC and Buhari’s group went into this time – three years later.

Then came the matter of Ondo State, a large swathe of which was turned off – including this blogger – during the run-off to the 2012 elections, a period that saw top APC officers inferring that Ondo State indigenes were ‘bastards’, – “political prostitutes” were Chief Akande’s words – a situation I also wrote about here.  The April postings of 2012 should dig out some of these essays one of which had me appealing to Chief Akande & Asiwaju Tinubu to draw Ondo’s Mimiko and the state close with no condition of Labor Party being subsumed.

When you leave your house unguarded, thieves and despoilers can come in, and this is where the situation in the APC comes in.  It became a non-inclusive party, with those who voted for it and supported it in the first instance becoming expedient.  I hope that the victory of Osun’s Governor Aregbesola, would see him reaching out to all segments of society in the state with no town, ward, individuals, etcetera  being singled out as not having voted for the APC.

While many may dismiss the students’ declaration as not being supported by most, I believe the stampede to be one of the closest to those in power in PDP’s new Nigeria is not likely to be long.

This is all I’m going to write today as I want it to be Number One in the slide to one-party state essay since the NUNS has fired the first salvo and cannot be Number One;  it will be Number Two.  There should be more, God willing.


FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, 2014.  2:20p.m. [GMT]




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4 Comments on “Road to Nigeria becoming a one-party State – Tola Adenle”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    I don’t foresee a one party state in Nigeria. It’s not just possible. Just as we are diverse in culture, religion and values, so also we are politically. Cross- carpeting is common and is allowed in [politics. Just on Thursday here in the UK, a Conservative MP declared and crossed to UKIP party, a number four party that is springing surprises now judging from the last local government election.

    The problem with us in Nigeria is the way we perceive playing politics, like the winner takes all, power of incumbency, thuggery, use of foul languages to assassinate oppositions and massive rigging and corruption. Playing things on a level ground, winners can emerge through the personalities of contestants and the manifestos of individual parties. But as we have been seeing, these do not hold any ground in Nigeria but rather the use of do or die attitudes among the party elders and their members.

    In the UK, US or any of the advanced democracies, no party can rule for three or four terms in a row. Electorates in these countries always want to change people in government despite the fact that, the government in power may be executing programmes in favor of the people. Ordinary misguided statement can throw somebody out of the state house or parliament.

    But alas, ours is politics of stomach infrastructure during election periods . Nigerian politicians perfectly understand the people and until we all wake up to refuse being bought for peanuts that will not last for two days, we would be mortgaging our future and that of our children.

    Nigeria is a country full of potentials and human resources. It’s a question of having the right type of leader because we identify a bad or spoilt fish from its head. Our politicians are just too arrogant and always too far away from us once in position only to buy us with money and bags of rice, beans and salts during election time.

    I hope President Jonathan and co. will let people voices to prevail come 2015 while the so called progressive opposition party will live up to expectation.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      Thanks for this.

      Of course like most Nigerians who understand what such means, I would not want to live in a one-party state and neither do I believe that the inappropriateness of so-called students’ union leaders declaring for President Jonathan means others will really follow them; others, however may follow them because Nigerian politics has been so bastardized that people are flocking from party to party in search of financial opportunities.

      It’s good you’ve mentioned that “Manifestos [and such] do not hold any ground in Nigeria”. I will add that no party really talks about any manifestos that I know of. In fact, what obtains now is that most politicians move to whatever party is in power in their states. I know people who were AD when Osun was under Chief Akande’s governorship but soon after the PDP was rigged into power, they became PDP but as soon as ACN got its mandate back through Aregbesola, they moved their persons and donated properties to ACN which is now APC. Pray, tell, which manifestos do these Itinerant Party People (IPP) operate under?

      I like your last para about the president “letting people’s voices prevail come 2015”, and I really pray that I am wrong. The PDP has become accustomed to the fact that Nigerians would complain and protest and the world would raise voices but we’ll be left to our own devices at the end.

      My notes of warning are very much in order.




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