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September 19, 2014

Health, Nigeria

Nigeria seems to be on the verge of having her name deleted from among “West African countries with ebola” in not too long a time, a moniker that this blogger in her August 2, 2014 essay wondered at its conspiratorial nature:

Here is a paragraph from that essay:

“Was Nigeria sent a sick ebola man so that the demographic spread of the virus can show an African spread?  CNN was quick to show a “spread” that had 270-something right on top of a map of Nigeria while the reporter was reporting the case of the cross-border man who DIED ON Nigerians in an “outbreak across West Africa.”

Now, it seems a fight to halt its spread, though belated by Nigeria’ s unpreparedness once the virus had started in three countries of the sub-region, is yielding results.  And that should be good news to all Nigerians everywhere, and to people around the world.

It is sad to note, however, that until countries like China, Japan and a few others were ready to send aid in forms of medical workers, experimental drugs, et cetera to affected countries, the United States of America, the most powerful country in the world, only harped at the “6 units of ZMapp manufactured”.  But somehow, the drug was always available for more than the count of six when another American was infected.

Worse, tests were supposed to be in the distant future but suddenly materialized once other countries got in on the act.  Why couldn’t the manufacturer give HOPE by promising the necessary steps to the drug’s approval?  What took the USA so long in coming out like China and Japan?

The USA, known for a long time around the world as America always in the forefront of fighting evil, seems unwittingly to be ceding its leadership role to others, especially China.  The other day, China announced how its aid has surpassed that of America over the years within a year or so.

America stepped into the void in educating Africans in the early 60s when the British colonial masters were doling out liberal arts education only in her colonies: the Peace Corps through the government, AFGRAD, Rockefeller scholarships through NGOs, and others.

Most of Africa has won the education war even though it is disgraceful that Liberia has only 50 medical doctors.  Despite her thieving rulers, a process that the U.S. and other Western countries know how to contain, the help the continent needs now is in health and maintaining the environment because her problems in these areas could become world problems.

In a time of such important need of health, America did not do what is right by the afflicted countries.  Now, she is sending in $50 million in aid that includes 3,000 soldiers which the public in those countries must be educated about their purpose:  American soldiers are good and quick at setting up those mobile wards of tents, et cetera.  I watch on tv the other day a market woman in Sierra Leone or Liberia saying they do not want soldiers.



In his latest media briefing, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu, Nigeria’s Minister of Health:

There are no cases of Ebola in Nigeria in the last week, that 4 contacts remain under surveillance in Rivers State, while 344 are under watch in the same state.

The following stats are as compiled by an NGO:

New cases

1. New confirmed case 0
2. New probable case 0
3. New suspected case 0 (PHC)

Cumulative Cases

1. Total confirmed cases (including imported case) 19 (Lagos 15, Rivers 4)
2. Total probable case 1
3. Total suspected case 0

1. Newly reported 0
2. Confirmed cases (incl. imported) 7
3. Probable case 1

1. New contacts listed 0 (Rivers)
2. NO case is currently on admission in the ETC in Lagos
3. One suspected case is currently on admission in the ETC in Rivers state
4. 451 contacts have completed 21 days follow up (incl. 105 in Rivers state)
5. Total contacts listed 890
6. 4 out of 4 contacts followed up in Lagos and 440 out of 462 in Rivers State


10 patients were successfully managed and discharged. The latest was the sister of the Port Harcourt doctor who was discharged from the isolation ward in Rivers State on 7th September 2014, and the wife of the same doctor who was discharged from the isolation ward in Lagos State on the 9th September 2014.

Port Harcourt still has over 400 contacts under surveillance.


Compiled by an NGO, Charleansoba  which obtained its information from different sources, including WHO website, Reuters, various Nigerian newspaper reports credited to the Minister of Health, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2014. 7:15 a.m. [GMT]

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