Another Liberian ebola patient left Monrovia workplace without reason & traveled to USA – ABC News/Meghan Keneally

October 2, 2014


Just as Patrick Sawyer supposedly escaped quarantine to import ebola into Nigeria, Thomas Eric Duncan, another Americo-Liberian like Sawyer the man has the dubious distinction of being the first to be diagnosed with ebola inside the United States; he reportedly walked away from his job as a driver in Monrovia. Now, as many as a hundred people are being watched for possible infection.

Liberians seem determined to spread the ebola virus far and near, especially to those who are their benefactors. Nigeria lost many soldiers in helping that country during their civil war as well as spent millions during and after the war, including their elections. Now, it is the USA, perhaps Liberia’s greatest benefactor. TOLA.

Duncan’s former boss in Monrovia, Liberia, said the patient had been his driver for the last year or two until he abruptly left his job in early September.

“I really don’t know,” why he left, Henry Brunson, general manager of Safeway Cargo, told ABC News. “He didn’t resign. He just left the office. He just walked away.”

Brunson didn’t know where Duncan went until he saw him on the news as the Ebola patient in Dallas, Texas.

Read the story:–abc-news-topstories.html

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4 Comments on “Another Liberian ebola patient left Monrovia workplace without reason & traveled to USA – ABC News/Meghan Keneally”

  1. Falade A. G. Says:

    Dear Auntie,
    How did this happen?
    Just a grievous mistake?
    Why do terrible mistakes occur?

    Best wishes

    A. G. Falade



    • emotanglobal Says:

      Only God knows the answer to your question, Dear Prof., but my primitive instinct of being on my guard which led me to wonder at the beginning of the Patrick Sawyer saga whether there was not a conspiracy to drag Nigeria into the ranks of the endemic countries has kicked in again. (Remember I wondered aloud in a title how “this man was allowed to die on US Nigerians?”

      While your medically-trained mind sees another “terrible mistake”, I see, perhaps wrongly, a systemic plan to let the West, especially the USA, know that urgent help is needed for Liberia that seems on the brink of being wiped out by this terrible virus. I read this story online yesterday and the pointers for Liberia are very ominous:

      If Nigeria with her huge population was not dragged in as I suggested at the beginning of the Patrick Sawyer saga, ebola “across West Africa” would have been unconscionable. Now that the country has shown it does not qualify to stand on its own because it cannot supply even enough small necessities like facial masks, gloves, et cetera – just like Sierra Leone – out comes a driver – Thomas Eric Duncan – who somehow rustled up enough money to travel to the States up to Brussels, down to DC and then Texas, a trip that must have cost nothing less than around $2,000.00.

      Like Patrick Sawyer and whatever remains of the old rulers under the late President Tolbert, he is one of the better-endowed Liberians, even if a driver; he is Americo-Liberian and has dual passports and perhaps relations in the old country.

      Now that America is reminded loud and clear of this possible route of exporting ebola into the country, action – and very fast, too, would be embarked upon. The six (6) ZMapp drugs supposedly produced has not been depleted since, I guess.

      Of course I could be wrong, Prof., but just read a few of the comments after the guy’s story from any American news sites and you may begin to see my point.

      But why would Liberia become such an evil manipulator under a female president that the whole world hailed as the perfect person who would heal Liberia some years ago? Why are they FIGHTING those who have aided those who have aided them the most – Nigeria & the USA with a deadly virus?



  2. Depo Adenle Says:

    Why is Liberia becoming the wicked and notorious country that is wilfully causing deaths in other countries that would have been spared the headache of the deadly virus? The country’s president’s regret is not sincere because she did the same when Patrick Sawyer did the same to Nigeria’s health sector.



    • emotanglobal Says:

      Thanks, Dr. Adenle.

      That is how Nigeria became an ebola country when Patrick Sawyer from Liberia supposedly escaped quarantine and headed to Nigeria even though airport CCTV camera showed the man lying in pain on his stomach. At the hospital where Sawyer was being treated – he had not owned up to visiting an ebola endemic country – he jumped out of his bed, removed the IV, (this is unbelievable) removed his pants and p—- on the doctor and nurses. They all died. If the Doctor had not been a selfless individual the way she handled the protocols even after knowing she must have been fatally, perhaps thousands of Nigerians would have died. Criminally selfish. What I found awful was the Liberian president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf merely said: “he is undisciplined”. If Sawyer was detained, how could a Liberian govt official approve travel to Nigeria for him which was what happened?




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