UK Activists Oppose Oyedepo’s Winner Chapel Plan To Open School Over “Witchcraft” Allegations-BBC

November 8, 2014


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2014. 7:45 a.m.[GMT]

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4 Comments on “UK Activists Oppose Oyedepo’s Winner Chapel Plan To Open School Over “Witchcraft” Allegations-BBC”

  1. ADENLE S.A. Says:

    Remember : Jesus said you cannot mix God and MAMMON !!!

    The worst affliction of the African mind is COLONIAL MENTALITY AND HYPOCRISY !

    Go to Rome and see the remains of Julius Ceasar, and to Egypt and see the remains of THE PHARAOS and you will not be bothered by these Prosperity Pastors again.!!!!!!



  2. Adegoke FALADE Says:

    Slapping shouldn’t have taken place in any circumstance.
    I do not like discussing W*T*H*R*FT, even though it exists.
    Disobedience can be evil, and in W*T… the Will of God is opposed.
    But, this picture should never be extended to the normal developmental issues in childhood, who need moulding through training.



    • emotanglobal Says:

      Dear Prof.,

      It – slapping – should not take place in any circumstance, especially in the case of a church.

      Witchcraft? I do not believe in it and so have nothing to discuss about it beyond wondering aloud how Oyedepo can know those who are witches. I do not know how the head of a church could even talk of disobedience because it is difficult for me to construct a circumstance that should bring ‘disobedience’ about in that environment.

      As for building a school in the UK, I will suggest this supposed man of God should put some of the money raked in from his Nigerian followers into ventures that can improve the lives of these people who are mostly poor rather than attempting to increase his stupendous wealth.

      Hei, Prof., MOST of his followers cannot afford to put kids through his Nigerian secondary school and university because they form a part of his huge money-making machine, a modern twist that takes from the poor and keeps in a rich man’s pockets.

      This school should be built but the guy needs to build it in Nigeria as a philanthropy that puts a teeny bit back into a place that he has gotten far too much from through his prosperity preaching.

      An outpost of this initiative can subsequently be built in the UK where thousands of Oyedepo’s supporters who contribute millions reside.THESE SCHOOLS SHOULD CHARGE NO FEES.

      Thanks, Prof., for giving me the opportunity to talk about an issue always close to my heart.

      My regards, as always,



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