Nigeria needs Buhari [whose] giant political stature is needed by APC to put a stop to the charade in Nigeria’s governance – Rotimi Fashakin

November 18, 2014



A former Aviation minister, who was fired under humiliating circumstances of graft, was recently linked with the setting up of a new Airline, after less than one year of leaving office! The Nation has become so blindly plundered that, with the plummeting oil prices, the major option left for the current managers of the economy is devaluation of the currency. Of course, the resultant effect of this will be uncontrolled inflationary trend.

Gratefully, the APC has in GMB, a man with the transparency of a crystal. He saw all the alluring glory of Public office and refused to be swayed from his own simplicity. He ascended to the pinnacle of political governance and did not abuse his oath of office. He came in contact with the disbursement of the wealth of the nation and did not help himself with the till. Both in and out of office, he evinced self-abnegation, discipline and transparency. He possesses the emotional stability embedded in legendary leaders. The tallest of the pack, GMB’s giant political stature is needed by APC to put a stop to the charade that governance has become in the last four years. Let all bitterness be eschewed for the sake of the sacrifice of the last two years. We need GMB!



tola adenle –

Again, APC stands on the verge of making history, and hopefully this time, unlike 2011 when it tantalized Nigerians with the possibility of routing the PDP as the then ACN, it will step forward to the plate and live up to what it claims to be: a party of progressive-minded individuals who want to change the direction the country has been on for many years and the luck of her citizens.

I once thought like those who label Buhari as Muslim-this-and-Reactionary-that. Well, I publicly adopted him in 2011 in an essay in a national newspaper even though I had been writing against his old politics since the 1980s. If APC somehow chooses somebody else, my vote would go to Buhari at whichever party even though he would lose OR I will stay home. The fear of Buhari shd be by the masses but pols who are afraid of him are only afraid because of what they may want to hide.

“Yes, Nigeria stood by us more than any nation, but you let yourself and Africa and the black race down very badly. Your leaders have no respect for their people. They take people’s resources & turn it into personal wealth … I cannot understand why Nigerians are not more angry …” – NELSON MANDELA.

There is no APC candidate that can stand up to the corruption Czars of Nigeria, Inc. but Buhari. To stop the PDP’s dream from becoming Nigeria’s nightmare for “60 years” as announced way back, the interest of the masses beckons to a country that would rise to its great potential under Buhari who has proved beyond a doubt his aversion to corrupt practices. Personally, I’m scared when I see “leaders” like retired Generals Obasanjo and Babangida become chummy!

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2011. 12:40 p.m. [GMT]

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