Race in America: African-Americans learning police uniforms are as deadly as KKK hoods of old – Tola Adenle

November 25, 2014


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The grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri that sat over the shooting of unarmed teenage boy, Michael Brown by white police officer, Darrel Wilson, has returned with a not surprising “not guilty” finding.

Officer Wilson was found not guilty of murdering Brown nor guilty of involuntary manslaughter. In a language of America’s justice system, Wilson committed “justifiable homicide”.

The pattern of killing of unarmed young African-American males without the policemen who commit what are almost always murders has reached a point that resembles the Ku Klux Klan Christian “justice” and judgement. The organized white hate group from the 19th Century off and on to the Civil Rights era whose calling cards were the cowardly white-hooded outfit, burning of Christian crosses in bizarre interpretation of their “Christian” values, killed and maimed African-Americans without having to answer for murders and for fire-bombing of Afr-Ams homes for a long time.

It would not be politically correct to write news reports linking the rise in attempts to decimate the population of African-American males with the political rise of African-Americans in America to the pinnacle that led to Obama’s presidency. And from Day One of his presidency, the “affront” on the last bastion of American power has not been taken lightly by those who may have shed the knights’ cloaks of the night but have risen to high political offices or swapped the FILTHY WHITE cloak for official cloaks that permit them to kill without ever having to answer for murders.

As in slavery, as in post-civil war era … so does a large chunk of 21st Century America want things to return.

Policemen in many American cities and towns, dressed provocatively, and armed these days as if to war front theatres, reportedly got their gears and arms from “surplus” overseas wars, and they are determined to use them.

Police fueling mob psychology

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Washington, D.C.
PROTESTS MEET POLICE in nyc daily news

With gun sale in gun-mad USA, perhaps presently on the rise and rise in little Ferguson up by 70 percent days to the announcement, one could sense the direction the case would take. Baying for blood is not confined to the military-type police in America.

cleveland 12 year old
12 year-old Tamir Rice killed this week in Cleveland, Ohio by policemen

And even as the world awaited the jury findings of a group supposedly Michael Brown’s “peer” which was made up of nine (9) whites and 3 (blacks), another young – not even a teen – was killed by a policeman in Cleveland, Ohio.

And so, goes yet another murder of another unarmed teenage boy …

Always ready to cash in on sad occasions as these are politicians, especially of the Republican stripes like former New York mayor Giuliani who rose to fame on being “tough on crime” – euphemism for racist leanings – and especially on the calamity of the bombing of the World Trade Center by Muslim extremists.

Obviously looking ahead to ANOTHER Republican race for the White House which is heating up, he reportedly said: “… white police would not be in black communities “if you weren’t killing each other”.

You can bet that the Republican Party’s so-called fringe which is fast muscling to become its mainstream, will be rolling out worse extremists than Giuliani in a race that may eventually decide a president that would further divide America.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2014. 8:15 a.m. [GMT]

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9 Comments on “Race in America: African-Americans learning police uniforms are as deadly as KKK hoods of old – Tola Adenle”

  1. folakemiodoaje Says:

    My first experience of this was in early 2000 when a young man was shot 8 times in Seattle University District because the police was not sure if he was armed, so I asked do you have to shoot 8 times to determine this?

    I listened to Mike Brown cop and felt sick when he mentioned he shot him in the head (to kill basically) without seeing any gun in view? Heartbreaking.



    • emotanglobal Says:

      Dear Folakemi,

      Thanks for this.

      Yes, they shoot in America first and verify details later. How about the rest of the sickening evidence of the kid-killer: how he felt like a 5-year old to the Hulk Hogan! It went beyond fabricating lies.


      Liked by 1 person


  2. wsj2day Says:

    It’s not something we’re learning or exposing my friend, it’s a reality of life – especially in St. Louis (the most racially divided city I personally have ever visited) – we have (some of us) to experience every day of our lives – sad really – no, Ferguson is something that should – it won’t – open the eyes of the other people in this country (I’m looking at you Asian/Indian/Hispanic/Native Americans) because what they “do” to us, they’ll do to you, if you don’t call them to task on this



    • emotanglobal Says:

      Dear Mr. WSJ,

      Thanks for contributing your thoughts on a subject you know too well.

      It is a very sad day and development considering the seeming go-ahead each successive judicial murder of young African-American boy that goes unpaid for by the American justice system such impunity confers on the killers.

      Imagine, just as the whole world tuned its collective antenna to America for the jury findings out of Ferguson, another Afr-Am boy, a child, really, lay dead from multiple gun shots from the hands of another power-drunk white policeman. Tamir Rice’s crime? He had a fake gun, the same type common all over America with little white kids. The Cleveland killer cop thought 12-year old Tamir was going to kill him and he had to shoot the child in the stomach more than once to ensure his safety.

      Incredible things happening in America these days, and to think President Obama’s presidency has not favored Afr-Am in visible ways that they – Afr-Am – expected!

      As for your words of advice to other ethnic minorities to raise a collective voice in condemnation of these heinous acts as “THEY” are “coming only for” blacks right now, I feel you need not worry, and to put a little twist to that old saying, because who knows, those “THEY” may want to go after next, ESPECIALLY these days that Asian kids do so well in schools and at colleges that “THEY” outperform all racial groups and it may not be long before “THEY” may start baying for the blood of those seen as standing in the way of their kids’ scholarships, jobs …


      Liked by 1 person


      • wsj2day Says:

        “Incredible things happening in America these days, and to think President Obama’s presidency has not favored Afr-Am in visible ways that they – Afr-Am – expected!”


        you’re too funny, this man has been so deliberately (ahem) “even-handed” that his “blackness” has been removed and placed on permanent display in the ‘black-folk’ hall of pity!


      • emotanglobal Says:

        Dear Mr. WSJ,

        Thanks for this, and for the generous words.

        Really! Now, you are the one being funny. While I do not blame President Obama as he could not have been otherwise because he ALLOWED HIMSELF TO BE caught btwn a rock and a hard place from Day One of his presidency even as black folks were still wiping away tears of joy, he has done EVERYTHING that Republicans of Sarah Palin stripes would have been doing as president.

        Of course I love the president, the audacity of his candidacy, the campaigns AND the symbolism which, take it or leave it, has definitely fulfilled MLK’s dream but as Nigerians might say this age of President Jonathan, they did not vote for ideology nor if they voted for a dream, a nightmare should not be their portion!

        A particular kid of ours is fed up with his “pandering” which should not have continued to the 2nd term as I used to say to the kid during the president’s first term. He did not start a war but see it all laid at his doorstep while you-know-who, the one-time cheerleader college student and AWOL Reservist, wears a smirk on his face.

        I really did and still do want him to succeed as he did in whopping – pardon the language – Senator “THIS ONE” but it’s all in his hands, really, and time is running out.

        Pls. check out: AND

        Thanks for helping get these out.

        PS. Both are from my old blog,

        Liked by 1 person

      • wsj2day Says:

        You are such a “doll” (in a very nice/good way)!

        Our “president” was not indeed elected to represent us and us alone, but all of the country, fair enough, and (this I must confess) while I support him now more than ever, I am none-the-less very disappointed in him and his seeming reluctance to prove the old adage right (the one that states “it don’t matter who you elect, repugnants or demigods, their all the same just one wears better suits” by carrying out Bush junior’s wars and in effect his policies as well. Regardless of the opposition’s barriers against his perceived changes to same, he wilted in the face of said adversity instead of pointing it out in an indignant (niggardly) way, which not only myself but others would have applauded, regardless of whether or not he was a “one term president” so what! He had and stood by his principles is how he would have been remembered, not as he will now; just another politician (or as they say down in Texas, “all hat, no cattle”). He could have (and perhaps still can be) been one heck of a change artist.

        Let’s just hope he has some of his wife’s spine in him these next 9 months, because that’s all his “presidency” has left. Trust me, Palin, McCain, Graham, McConnell et al, have no reason to work with him and neither does his “party brethren” who never actually wanted him in the first place!


      • emotanglobal Says:

        Thanks, Mr. WSJ for laying it out straight.

        Each time they point out how the president’s “failing foreign policy” is-this-is-that, I want to scream and nudge him on tv to speak out. May be that’s why that fellow from the land of my birth jumped the White House fence to scream in his ears.

        It’s all such a shame, though because he got such a mandate to re-work America through those massive votes, incl. two DHL-ed from overseas! And what does it matter, as you’ve pointed out if he had only a single term; Kennedy had under three years.

        My regards,

        Liked by 1 person

      • wsj2day Says:

        My brother still has time to stand tall, at times he appears ready, but as yet he sits,while others (A.G. Holder) speak – I hope/pray – for him and others (brother West and brother Dyson) denounce his inactions hopefully to spur action, let us all hope he remembers those of us (even ones in Africa) who cast our lots his way embracing the change he promised was coming


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