It’s Buhari and Osibajo for APC’s ticket for Nigeria’s presidential elections! – Tola Adenle

December 17, 2014



The die seems cast as Nigeria’s APC finally gets its ticket: retired General Buhari for president with Professor Yemi Osibajo as running mate.

The emergence of Osibajo, a former university don and former attorney-general under Asiwaju Tinubu’s administration, though touted the past one week as well as the names of some dark horses, including Ekiti’s former governor, Dr. Fayemi and Edo’s Oshiomole, must be a relief to many in what was becoming an issue that could possibly have led to the party’s disintegration, and ruined the chance of getting The President Nigeria Needs at this time through the APC.

And with the party’s leader, Asiwaju, finally making it public that he was “most suited to be Buhari’s running mater”, a fractious break apart of the party seemed imminent.

Personally, I saw/see nothing wrong in a Muslim-Muslim ticket as I’ve expressed on this blog but I was thinking of Buhari-Fasola being the best of the names being peddled around because he would have brought to the ticket as well as to the administration if Buhari wins more than any of the other names. That’s now all in the past.

In the lopsided “federal” system that Nigeria runs, where goes the president, there goes the entire system. And Osibajo is not completely new to politics even though he has never run for, nor won any elections but he is eminently qualified for the VP position. Just about anybody with an UNCLUTTERED mind – in the ways of Nigeria – AND GOOD INTENTIONS for Nigeria and her citizens is good enough for the presidency, i.e. for president and vice president.

Now the party can settle down to planning for the battle ahead, and we, the people, have a collective huge hand in seeing that Nigeria finally gets the leaders she needs; all others at every governance level would be forced to fall in line as there are tons of laws on the Books to deal with thieves, et cetera.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2014. 12:20 p.m. [GMT]

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8 Comments on “It’s Buhari and Osibajo for APC’s ticket for Nigeria’s presidential elections! – Tola Adenle”

  1. wsj2day Says:

    Interesting ticket, it would appear that someone with “tener cojones” as they say across the border, has stepped forth and I wish him/them all the luck required – it would appear from afar they’ll need it – to succeed!



    • emotanglobal Says:

      Dear Mr. WSJ,

      I’m laughing out so loudly in my little corner of the earth at your short but deep mail. Sure, if there’s any Nigerian with B-A-L-L-S who is capable and ready to take on the titans of status quo in Nigeria, it is the wiry retired officer from Daura in the Deep North of Nigeria. He was an officer who has remained a gentleman – to put a little twist on that saying – a rarity in Nigeria. There are a few others: one I happened to know is long dead while a couple of others that I also know will never step into political combats!

      Greetings, and thanks for your interest in Nigeria’s affairs.

      Liked by 1 person


      • wsj2day Says:

        My only response is this: (and bear with my attempted humor) one of the people you feel ‘should’ run for the presidency is – ahem – “dead”? He should make a pretty good candidate then, eh


      • emotanglobal Says:

        Oh, no, Mr. WSJ! The reference is to “officer and a gentleman. I mean: I know very few NIGERIAN military guys for whom that description would fit like a perfect fedora and that those I know would either not move within miles of politics or they are long dead!

        I could get arrested and locked up for those words in a bye-gone era in Nigeria..


        Liked by 1 person

      • wsj2day Says:

        My mistake and apologies are all yours


      • emotanglobal Says:

        Mr. WSJ,

        You owe me no apology! I was evasive, pardon me.

        My rgds, as always,


  2. jujufilms Says:

    I was hoping for a Buhari/Fashola ticket either way I believe Buhari is whom Nigeria needs right now, especially in the fight against terrorism and corruption.



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