Oje-Ibadan & Oje-Ẹdẹ Market Days for 2015 – Tọla Adenle

February 3, 2015


Akinkoye CollectionsEMOTANAFRICANA

A stunning array of vintage Aṣọ Òkè pieces from the Female Akinkọye Collection,

Photo Credit: Depo Adenle, April 2013

Hello Ladies – and a few gentlemen! Unlike last year when I could not get my hands on the calendar till March as I was away from Nigeria, the schedule below shows the market days from January to December this year.

Remember, you could actually visit the market place, at least at Ibadan any time during the year and make purchases – though a bit more expensive and MUCH FEWER CHOICES from women who maintain permanent stores. The best days to visit are therefore the market days.

For newcomers to my two blogs – this and – Oje at Ibadan and Oje at Ẹdẹ are the two main markets for Aṣọ Oke in Nigeria’s Yorubaland, the home of the hand-woven textiles.

While these textiles can be purchased everyday in any Yoruba towns from shops and big open markets, these two market places assemble weavers’ representatives from all over Yorubaland where traders, shop and stall owners purchase in bulk to resell to end users. Individuals also attend because of the large stock and lower prices.

If you are a tourist or visitor to Nigeria, it would be handy to attend these markets with Nigerian friends, especially Yoruba who can speak the language; as in most things for sale in Nigeria, haggling is not only allowed but is key to the prices you get.


CAVEAT: Blogger bears no responsibility for information below. If you do not live at Ibadan or Ẹdẹ, you may wish to call the numbers displayed as once or so a year, a market day may be cancelled.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2015, 5:15 a.m. [GMT]

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