Nigeria & the way forward (2): Former Governor Saraki not good enough to lead Nigeria’s Senate – Tola Adenle

April 29, 2015


The following essay, first published in 2010 in my former weekly essays for Nigeria’s Nation on Sunday on the[then] presidential hats-in-the-ring by PDPers attempted to point out why none of them was good enough to be Nigeria’s president.

With rumblings about the possible ascendancy of Dr. Bukola Saraki to the Senate presidency, the change Nigerians clamored for and believe they got through Buhari’s victory, may be a mirage.

The former Kwara State governor is now a “progressive” since he decamped to the APC with tons of his fellow reactionaries from the PDP but Nigerians must not allow these people to run away from their past.

As third in line for Nigeria’s presidency, the Senate leadership cannot be allowed by the default of so-called zoning to fall into the wrong hands.

It is common practice in many states of Nigeria today that governors convert public properties and institutions into their private properties.  Bukola Saraki needs to answer to the people of Kwara State, and be seen to have come very clean on the matter of Shonga Farms, among others.  Far too many governors across the country seem/seemed to have made a what-an-ass-we-really-are of supposed EFCC where they may go but return to thumb their noses at their people: re-contesting as governors, et cetera.

The change that Nigerians voted for is definitely for a new, clean and very transparent government that must look at the past to chart a future we can all be proud of.

Here is a link to a piece from the not-distant-past when Saraki ruled Kwara, the fiefdom of the Saraki family.  He was one of those I believed was not good enough to be chosen to run for the presidency of Nigeria back then; he should not be qualified to be in consideration for the Senate’s presidency.  Nigeria should not be continued to be seen as  a country where anything goes.

TOLA, APRIL 29, 2015.

The cabal chooses ‘bad’ from bad, worse, worst; not good enough for Nigeria!





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4 Comments on “Nigeria & the way forward (2): Former Governor Saraki not good enough to lead Nigeria’s Senate – Tola Adenle”

  1. bisisowunmig Says:

    My dear Tola,
    You are absolutely right. We must not be so carried away with the euphoria of “opposition” now becoming “government” that we uncritically think that everyone in that APC is going to be a “cleaner” forgetting the criminal baggage of very dirty filth they have.
    I think the Press will do us a world of good if they made public the sordid past of those being considered for very high offices. Such people must answer for their past and make restitution after which they should still not occupy any high post — part of the restitution should be their being banned from holding any high post for at least ten years, provided they show enough evidence of having purged themselves of pathological greed and callousness to the nation and Nigerians. THERE TRULY MUST BE A CHANGE. IT SHOULD FROM NOW BE “BUSINESS UNUSUAL”!

    Keep up the good work.
    S. Bisi

    Sent from my iPad




  2. Latif Opawoye Says:

    Bukola Saraki must not be the senate president because of his past financial recklessness.. Any one tainted with fraudulent act must be excluded from the third position in the country. The Zimbabwe farmers he brought to Kwara have a lot of bad memories dealing with Bukola. Zoning must not be the only criteria for the choice but the clean character of the person to ascend that lofty position.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks v much, Dear Doctor.

      Indeed, as important as zoning positions to specific areas in Nigeria’s many ethnicities may be, it must not trump the past of individuals to be considered. And Saraki’s family, of which he was an adult participant, not only did cause gnashing of teeth to thousands of individuals who lost their life’s savings at SG but he was able to brush that financial recklessness and cheating and move on to BETTER things.

      I believe crossing from the evil PDP to the APC should not clear him or anybody from answering to past financial and governance misdeeds.

      There must be other North Central APCs who do not come burdened with bad-enough baggage that could be used in future to smear Nigeria.




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