Nigeria’s minimum wage: N216,000/p.a.; Nigeria’s senators: N353.8 million, a whopping 1:1638 ratio!

June 21, 2015


Check out the devil-is-in-the-details mind-boggling obscene Comparisons with other countries of payments to supposed law- makers who are paid from the same government treasury from which the minimum-wage earners are paid.

NIGERIA = £1 million, approx $1.6 million –

USA. $174,000.00
Singapore. $154,000
Ghana. $46,500
Japan $149,700

et cetera

oh, yeah by the way, each senator takes home an amount 8 TIMES THE MINIMUM WAGE FOR HIS/HER DOMESTIC STAFF – N1,863,184.00.

No wonder, the murderous combats to get SELECTED by the parties before being elected.

Before I go so that you can get to read about the earnings of these men and women who have rendered Nigerians prostrate, I must share a true tale of do-or-die politics during the last election cycle. A senator who was sure of getting his party’s ticket back to the Senate suddenly found he had lost at his party’s primaries.  He had to be rushed to his LUXURY 4-WHEEL “Jeep” – in Nigerian-ese, even if it was a TOYOTA, NISSAN, CADILLAC and not a General Motors 4-wheel – where the “Jeep’s” air-conditioning system was turned on full blast as the soon-to-be former senator sweated “as if water was poured on him from head down” – in the words of one of those who was present!

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