“I’d like other people to be like me”: Serena’s innocent prediction at 11 becomes more astounding with yet another milestone – Tola Adenle

July 17, 2015

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Serena’s new milestone ranking which shows her more than doubling Number Two Sharapova’s points – she has 13,161 points to Maria’s 6,490 points on the WTA’s Leaderboard – proves to be right on the mark with what the precocious and supremely-confident-in-herself spunky Little Lady predicted at age eleven when asked which player she’d like to be like:

“I’d like other people to be like me”! – The Huffington Post

Check out news coming out of the Women’s Tennis Association today:

“It’s getting hard to keep track of all the numbers and milestones she’s piling up – sixth Wimbledon title, 21st Grand Slam title, second Serena Slam – but there’s something else Serena Williams has done this week that has never, ever been done before, not even by Steffi Graf, not even by Margaret Court.

This is the first time No.1 has twice as many points as anyone else on the WTA Rankings.

According to WTA records, never before has the No.1 player on the WTA Rankings had twice as many, or in this case more than twice as many, points as No.2 or anyone else on the WTA Rankings.”


You may wish to revisit how Serena served notice to the world about her future greatness at Age Eleven posted on this blog in September last year. Above title extracted from her immortal words:


Oh, and by the way, she just walked away with her 9th ESPY award for Tennis’ BestFemale Player!  Congratulations, Serena!

FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2015.5:35 a.m. [GMT]

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2 Comments on ““I’d like other people to be like me”: Serena’s innocent prediction at 11 becomes more astounding with yet another milestone – Tola Adenle”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    This is interesting. People would call it a tall ambition when she predicted her future by herself. This should serve as a lesson to our young ones, both and girls that with hard-work, one can become what he wishes.

    Long reign my dear Queen Serena Williams. You are an inspiration worthy of emulation by the young ones. Thank you for the joy and happiness you brought to the world through your expertise on the courts of tennis.

    Best of luck all throughout your live.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      Yes, Serena’s achievements IS a lesson for young kids that if they set their goals high and work very hard towards them without losing their focus, success would be theirs.

      I dug up the old essay, especially with the racists’ usual chant of Serena-This, Serena-That whenever she makes major gains in her quest for her place in tennis and sports history. The nice thing is that the focussed-young lady has never let most of the rants gotten to her or she would have failed miserably in her pursuit of being the best God has made her to be.

      She’s after breaking records but none of the haters ever compares Martina’s physique nor style to a man’s, nor Steffi’s, either and both of these ladies are ahead of her in tennis grand slams even though one can discount Margaret Court’s era as being not that competitive.

      As the barriers come down one by one, the haters have nowhere to turn their “idiocy” – to borrow JK Rowling’s description of one such web-crawling hater recently – ridiculous hate-mongering excuses are proffered in America.

      I remember that way back when we first arrived Stateside in 1970, blacks were supposedly not “smart” enough to play as quarterbacks in American football! That became a STUPID assumption. And golf. STUPID and preposterous. Tennis supposedly required “smart” kids …

      Of course basketball has always been an easy draw for blacks because their parents needed not the oodles of money that talented McEnroes, et al could pump into training their gifted kids at tennis camps and academies. In fact, Larry Johnson, UNLV grad. and NBA alumnus who was a number one pick in his days was said to have had as part of his early training his mother climbing on top of something and making a hoop with her two arms!

      Now, nowhere else to turn than crawl the web at night or whenever for sports stories of black achievers and pretend at cathartic cooling off about their miserable lives by denigrating Serena, the self-destructive Tiger Woods whose achievements ON the links are of historical proportions …

      Thanks, as always.



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