900 escapee Christian children from Nigeria’s NE to be forcefully relocated from a Southern Christian center to Kano & Jigawa in the North – Channels TV

August 10, 2015

Faith, Nigeria

“Dear sir
Special greetings in the name of the Lord.

We are a church planting/discipleship ministry established since 1991 and have several churches in Nigeria etc.
We also have an NGO called Christian Home for the Needy caring for Orphans, vulnerable children from broken homes, street children etc, providing them with shelter, education, skill etc since 1992. we have trained graduates etc.
Since 2013 we started helping the children from the North and till date we have more than 900 of them here mostly from Christian families, attending school etc.

Our plan for them is to relocate gradually and reunite those who still have families and relations with their families as the situation calms down except the orphans who may take more time.
Today the SSS, Police, Civil Defense numbering more than 75 armed came with 38 buses saying its order from Presidency to evacuate them to a place in Jigawa and Kano states.

I called all the children out as instructed and announced it to them but the children refused and started weeping, even about 12 collapsed and fainted.

As at now they left without the children with the instruction I should take some days to prepare the children for evacuation.
Our websites are and

Thanks and God bless you.
Pastor Solomon A. Folorunsho”


demonstratorsInternally Displaced Persons, who have found shelter and education at the Christian home for the needy managed by the International Christian Centre in Edo State, have rejected a government plan to relocate them to Kano and Jigawa.


They said the Federal Government should bring the help it intended to render to them to Benin City, as they were not willing to move.
The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) took the decision when about 40 buses arrived the camp accompanied by security officials, with an instruction to relocate them from Edo State to the north.

“Right To Live Wherever We Choose”

The news stirred an uproar in the centre, followed by weeping while some of the IDPS fainted. They said they are comfortable in the centre and asked the security officials to leave them.

“Let them help those that are still suffering. Those hiding in the mountains. We that have been rescued should be left here. They should bring the help to us here,” one of the IDPs said.

“We are Nigerians and we have the right to live wherever we choose to live,” another said.
Over 1,400 Internally Displaced Persons are in Edo State housed in an IDPs camp in Uhogua camp in Benin City in south-south Nigeria.

Most of the persons at the camp are children numbering over 900 with the youngest said to be four months old.
Channels Television’s correspondent in Edo State, Peter Okonkwo, said a team of Nigeria Police , Civil Defence and Department of State Security arrived at the camp around 9:00am local time.

Addressing reporters after the IDPs voiced their displeasure with the plan, the Edo State Commissioner for Women Affairs, Maimuna Momodu, said she was not aware of the plan to relocate the IDPs even though the security team told her that the instruction was from the Presidency.

The IDPs have escaped from the volatile north-east where Boko Haram terrorists have sustained attacks on communities for over five years and they said they were not willing to go back to the north-east where they have been deprived of their freedom of movement and of their studies.


MONDAY, AUGUST 10, 2015. 4:45 a.m. [GMT]

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2 Comments on “900 escapee Christian children from Nigeria’s NE to be forcefully relocated from a Southern Christian center to Kano & Jigawa in the North – Channels TV”

  1. bisisowunmig Says:

    These are my comments. Had difficulty posting them:

    This is a sinister, wicked, provocative, inhuman, and unpatriotic assault on the fundamental rights of Nigerians to live wherever they choose in this country, and also freedom of belief. What business is it of whoever gave the order? It is a clear violation of the Nigerian constitution. The persons behind this unconstitutional not to say heartless order should be prosecuted.
    Bisi Sowunmi

    Sent from my iPad




    • emotan77 Says:


      It is indeed of all you have described the act to be, and while one gets the feeling that this may be one of those provocative orders from the dark shadowy groups that have always controlled Nigeria’s affairs – that is, without recourse to a head of state – it IS, definitely something Buhari has to act on immediately. If it is “from the presidency” as claimed by the assailants – that’s what those armed men were – on the home where the kids were being looked after, then, NIGERIA & HER CITIZENS ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!

      My regards, Ma.



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