Nigeria’s war on corruption: APC must call its senators & House of Reps members to order on treasury looting through emoluments

August 18, 2015


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With APC’s understandable position on party supremacy, where does the party stand on the insane emoluments that have been the norm since the days of the looting PDP? Has it issued a directive to its members on where to draw the line in this fleecing of Nigeria? I asked this same question when the insanity first started with “lawmakers” rejecting apportioned salaries and allowances years ago when I wondered aloud where the Abike Dabiris and other ACN elected members stood on the matter.

If the party can fight for its members to tow party line in the matter of sharing positions, it should be powerful enough to rein its members in in line with its campaign mantra of ‘change’. One of the major ‘changes’, most Nigerians expected of the APC is change of mindset by elected officials who would not see the country’s treasury as their personal property, a mindset that sees amounts not in million-dollar perks as being beneath their dignity as in: “what am I supposed to do with N20 million at Abuja”?

There’s nowhere to hide as the ACN that metamorphosed into APC IS Nigeria’s party in power.

No matter how hard Buhari may want to fight corruption, the House & Senate may not let things work even as Saraki continues to mouth anti-corruption mantra, ridiculous though he may sound. Without a war on the looting going on in this arm of government, Buhari – and Nigerians’ wish for ‘change’ is going to be futile.

The time has definitely come when Nigerians must rise against the brigandage that is going on at Abuja by so-called “lawmakers” who have become modern-day slave-owners living high on the hog in plantation-type mansions at Abuja and in the various homes they have acquired/plan to acquire in their home states and abroad.



Without the illegal allowances, these are what your Senators, Reps earn


TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 2015. 3:22 p.m. [GMT]

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4 Comments on “Nigeria’s war on corruption: APC must call its senators & House of Reps members to order on treasury looting through emoluments”

  1. emotan77 Says:


    There is not much difference between the Vampire that is PDP and the so-called Messiah that is APC.There are bandits in both Congregations.I hate to call them political parties, because, stricto sensu, they are not political parties the way we political scientists define political parties,

    My only consolation is that GMB may well be Nigeria’s Ataturk, though the Mustapha Kemal we know as the founder of Modern Turkey.He only has to watch his back because there are many “enemies within.”




    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Mr. Akin,

      Your contention is in the mainstream of perhaps the feeling of many of APC followers and of most Nigerians, including this blogger but the party does have the golden opportunity to disprove such by rising to the task at its hands.

      Like you and like most Nigerians, I do believe Nigeria has a chance at rebirth and re-working under President Buhari.

      Oh, for God’s smile on Nigeria, and grace + gift of good health for the president to lead this charge!

      Thanks, and my regards,



  2. Timothy Otunla Says:

    We are not amused.,,! tao

    Sent from my iPad




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