Falae’s kidnapping for ransom: Fulani herdsmen have taken Nigeria’s impunity lawlessness to new heights for many years – Tola Adenle

September 24, 2015


By the 1990s, Fulani herdsmen have made the lives of farmers in Yorubaland’s Oyo North a living nightmare. They would graze their cattle on farmlands and whenever farmers raised voices in protest, they would resort to all sorts of violence, including the raping of farmers wives and female children.

In the last decade or so, they have taken their audacity to make incursions further south to Ekiti and Ondo States where the same terrorist tactics used to subdue Oyo farmers are always used: cows are grazed on farms where, inP many cases, yams, cassava, et cetera may be nearing harvest and once the farmers protest, the herdsmen would wield their cutlasses to inflict injuries which have resulted in the loss of lives of many.

Farmers have had no relief despite their regular cries to government for help but now, with the abduction of Chief Olu Falae, a one-time Secretary to the Government of Nigeria and a presidential candidate of a major party to herald a return to civil rule in 1999, it seems these people have grown more audacious.

About five years ago, some Fulani herdsmen added highway robbery and terrorizing of people travelling between Osogbo and Gbongan junction in Osun State to their deadly arsenal.  I know because a close family member was caught in broad daylight in one of such just before Sekona on Osogbo side. They reportedly reached inside female bras to search for money and made my relation lie down flat on his stomach in the middle of what was a usually-busy road but as always happens in Nigeria when highway robbery is on, drivers sense the danger and none would go further until it seems safe.

Now, with reports that Chief Falae had had skirmishes with these men on his farm near Akure, Ondo State capital about the destruction of crops by cows belonging to these men as probably the cause of his abduction for cash, it is high time the central government puts a halt to this recklessness borne of a sense of sense of entitlement.


THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2015. 5:19 p.m. [GMT]



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4 Comments on “Falae’s kidnapping for ransom: Fulani herdsmen have taken Nigeria’s impunity lawlessness to new heights for many years – Tola Adenle”

  1. folakemiodoaje Says:

    I have been sceptical about Fulani herdsmen being accused of highway robbery, just because I know there is nothing stopping anyone disguising to be one.

    Easter Monday 2013 between Ibadan and Lagos, I was among dozens of other travellers had to wait on the road for about half hour for the robbers to finish their work. I was really lucky, my car was close to the scene of robbery, thankfully we realised everyone was turning back in good time.

    No gun was involved so as not to alert other travellers, no road safety officers around as it was a public holiday. I was scared to say the least. The driver who was the closest to the scene said he believed the robbers were Fulani herdsmen because of their outfits.

    Something has to be done to this grazing issues as it is affecting many farmers.

    Thank God Chief has been released, but for how long can we keep going like this?



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Folakemi,

      A million thanks for contributing this personal experience with those outlaws. My spouse was the one involved at Sekona; he was made to lie down in the middle of the asphalt on a very hot afternoon while his driver who was slapped by one of the nomads almost lost his hearing. Women were fondled on the pretext of their looking for hidden money.

      Government has to act.

      Regards, as always,

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      • folakemiodoaje Says:

        Whao, I hope Mr Adenle was okay afterwards. It can be truly terrifying. I had flashbacks for months afterwards. I agree government must do something, I think there should be a proper avenue for people to report events like this.


      • emotan77 Says:

        Dear Folakemi,

        Thanks v much for this.

        The idea of an agency or even phone number/email address to which people can report events like this as you’ve suggested would be really great. It should not be only when a VIP gets kidnapped that news get to government ears. Many people, even middle class, are being kidnapped with the families having to run around to source a couple of hundred thousands of Naira.

        It is a very shameful stage in Nigeria’s descent into hellish hole and it must be stopped. Happily, Buhari is someone who should be able to fight these brigands.


        Liked by 1 person

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