Emir Sanusi brings back sour memory with call for Naira Devaluation but Buhari won’t budge – Tola Adenle

October 25, 2015


H.R.H. Lamido Sanusi may be Kano’s Emir now but he was present THAT night when Ms. Lagarde visited Nigeria, a visit that prompted Linda Ikeji to caption a photograph of the then CBN boss, Economy Czarina Dr. Iweala and the IMF boss as “the people running things”.

Here is the story of how millions of Nigerians were swept into poverty through the fraudulent so-called “oil subsidy removal”, kith and kin to Nigeria-needs-to-devalue-everything-has-come-to-a-standstill-as-government-tightens-foreign-exchange!  More? $2million-DOLLAR-homes-at-Abuja-the-capital-are-not-selling blah blah blah!

When Her Imperial Majesty, the Honorable Christine Lagarde,IMF M.D. came to town

by Tola Adenle in another Fly-on-the-Wall commentary

January 16, 2012

“The people running things. CBN Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, IMF boss Christine Lagarde (centre) and Nigeria’s Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala in Nigeria…” – Linda Ikeji of her eponymous blog wrote of the picture above.

Thanks, Ms. Ikeji. I like the full description you gave this gem of a picture. – TOLA.


The January 16, 2012 Posting

However, skeptics like me “who do not want Iweala as Finance Minister” knew it the moment the IMF’s boss, Ms. Lagarde appeared in Nigeria in December that Nigerians’ fate was sealed but not even the worst hater of the President would imagine that another human being would wake Nigerians up to a Day of Infamy on New Year’s day.  The callousness and insensitivity of it are beyond words.

I recommend – my first Fly-on-the-Wall Commentary for this Blog – to readers who are new here or who have not yet read it before checking out my write-up below for above revealing picture.

Ms. Lagarde:     Chuckling, you have no choice.  Mr. Sanusi knows what we are talking about and agrees. Ngozi will work on plugging the wastage loopholes he harps on so much.

Mallam Sanusi: Dr. Iweala, where is Ms. Madueke; she’s supposed to be here?

Economy Czarina:  Mr. President says there’s no need.  Christine could have faxed the price to fix but you know … We cannot develop cold feet now, Mallam.

Mallam Sanusi: Cold feet?  I have my integrity to protect even though removal is the only way to go but how are we sure the returns would be ploughed into development of the country?  People do not trust government …

Ms. Lagarde:     More chuckling …

E-Czarina:          Say something, Christine.

Ms. Lagarde:   N200 per liter!

E-Czarina:         No, Christine, no …  Please … How about N120?

[E-Czarina’s cell phone rings; she glanced at it and jabbed the green button seemingly in anger.]

                                Yes, Dieziani.  Yeah … Okay, Okay.  Too low?  Okay …  I’ll tell Christine it’s N140.  Thanks.

                              [Lamely] Christine,  it’s N140.

Her Imperial Majesty, Ms. Christine Lagarde:    [ Stood up in anger, gathered her belongings and took two steps towards the door, then stopped dead]:  N141 per liter – AND THAT’S FINAL. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a plane to catch. Greece beckons.  By the way, Ngozi, it must be announced January 1.

E-Czarina:        Beneath her breath … Chineke! [Oh my God].  Why did I get myself into all these?


“No technocrats … no economists on your cabinet list … Devalue the Naira – IMF to Nigeria’s President Buhari! – Tola Adenle


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d suggest that Emir Sanusi should face his royal duties and leave the running of the Central Bank and Nigeria’s currency to the present government.

Sincere greetings,





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7 Comments on “Emir Sanusi brings back sour memory with call for Naira Devaluation but Buhari won’t budge – Tola Adenle”

  1. adedynasty Says:

    Thats a good point @TOLA. im in support



  2. folakemiodoaje Says:

    Mrs Adenle, this is why we need many more elders like you who can call it what it is. I still like ‘some’ of the Emir’s ideas especially on encouraging youths to speak up and claim what is theirs but I totally agree with you that now it’s time for Emir Sanusi to focus on mounting his perfectly groomed royal horse.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Folakemi,

      Thanks very much for your contribution and for the generous words.

      Yes, would it not be better of this Emir would allow those in government to govern while he saves his pretty head from worries but concentrate – as you so nicely put it – “on mounting his perfectly-groomed royal horse”! After all, Boko Haram rages not too far from his ancient throne, and he should look into helping with solutions to this intractable problem that takes the lives of hundreds weekly.


      Liked by 2 people


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