NEWS WORTH SHARING: Lord’s Prayer Branded ‘Offensive’, Banned From U.K. Cinemas – Inquisitr

November 23, 2015


It seems there’s no end to which being politically-correct won’t go, and of course with different social groups quick to find loopholes in most things these days, this would be no exception of having hangers-on latch on to the latest group-think.

Some years ago, a guy sued in Rome to have an “offensive” Christian insignia removed from the fence of a PRIVATE Catholic school that his daughter attended! While I lost track of the case and how it was adjudicated, one would have thought a non-Catholic would simply remove her daughter from such a school rather than sue to have what is central to the school founders’ faith and part & parcel of most of the pupils’ faith removed. After all, Christians live in predominately-non-Christian countries and adhere to the rules, laws and mores of those places because they choose to live or work there.

What is going on in the world that people cannot learn to live with cultural systems that have been in place in their host countries? Of course, atheists, libertarians and other such groups would very much welcome this ban but how much longer must these types of insanity go on?

Wouldn’t this type of action drive the so-called Far Right of the British population mad enough to push like-minded people into counter-actions to uphold British right to their Christian origin?


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