Yorubas must produce their food or starve(1): “This family produces 6,000 pounds of food per year on 4,000 square feet of land” – Payne

May 24, 2016

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It sounds unreal but after feasting your eyes on the picture, check out the story sent to me by a blog reader as part of her response to Monday’s first post: the Atiku/Dangote story that concluded with a dire warning to Yorubas to produce what they love to eat or go the way of the dinosaur.

She also went further by sending information on how her mother used to plant veggies and other food items around the house because readers may think it’s not possible in Nigeria. The short and informative post is next.

Actually, my essay failed to mention that the Mamas in my family when we were growing up had a patch at the back of the house where they used to throw water from CLEANING peppers, tomatoes, et cetera as well as seeds from vegetables like elegede. 

I did not write about it because I thought it was only common in Ondo & Ekiti States where, to this day, I get elegede gift when I go home to my little corner of Ondo State. When I first asked for the vegetable which is from our type of pumpkins, I was told everywhere I asked at Ibadan markets: A a! ko s’awọn ẹfọ bẹyẹn mọ!

Well, this year, I’ve brought elegede back each time I travel home. A younger sister at Akure plants some, and another at home at Iju – she’s retired from the Inspectorate of Education in Ondo State and is a been-to( !) also plants. All it needs is water and sun and it gives years of harvest; it’s a perennial.

Thanks, Remi.

The little piece of land – 4000 sq. ft – that yields bounteous harvest!

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Get up, brothers and sisters. Spend part of your weekend gardening – it will bring gains in more ways than one; think the exercise … and then all the yummy goodies!



TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2016. 1: 23 a.m. [GMT]




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