US Elections 2016 (6): When news-purveyors enthrone themselves as newsmakers! – Tola Adenle

May 29, 2016


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A rigged Democratic Party primary?

It’s been on now for a couple of months and Bernie Sanders “audacity of hope” – pardon me; no other phrase comes easily to mind – is becoming exasperating to Hillary Clinton.

Primary after primary, and caucus after caucus have swung the way of the socialist candidate whose home-roomers in a Democratic Party that had welcomed him with open arms in Senate votes have suddenly become St. Peter before canonization: I do not know this man Peter had solemnly denied Christ before the cock crowed thrice in Biblical times.

Hillary has solemnly proclaimed: I do not know if he’s a Democrat!

With her self-confidence, borne of a self assurance that she is the rightful inheritor of Obama’s legacy deeply shaken by Sanders’ surging poll numbers and victories eclipsing hers in not less than two-thirds of the last two dozen or so primaries, she is assuring her constituency of the Democratic Party of the inevitability of her flag-bearer-in-waiting status:  “… nothing that anyone voting in the upcoming primaries and caucuses could possibly say or do will change the outcome of the Democratic race [in delegate-rich California & a handful of more states], so it’s merely a beauty contest to hold these votes …

Bring on the crown? Not so fast, says Bernie!

Check out the following excerpts and the full essay by blogger, Abramson. TOLA.

Clinton Clinches Democratic Nomination – Huffington Post/Seth Abramson


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has revealed that the major television networks plan to call the Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton during the day on June 7th — hours prior to the close of polls in California — on the grounds that Clinton has “clinched” the nomination as soon as she crosses the 2,383-delegate threshold via both pledged delegates (who are already committed to her) and super-delegates (who cannot, by Democratic Party rules, commit themselves to her or be tallied until July 25th).


In other words, as recently indicated by Mark Murray, NBC’s Senior Editor for Politics, the networks will make the news on June 7th rather than report it — as,per the Democratic National Committee, the final and indeed only authority on the tabulation of super-delegates, Clinton cannot clinch the nomination on June 7th unless she wins 78.3 percent of the pledged delegates on that date.

Waiting for the news to happen is so cringingly Cronkite I’m embarrassed to be even a tangential part of the American media these days.


If we can’t report that things have happened when our personal opinion is that they’ve happened or “as good as” happened, I don’t see what the point of having wall-to-wall cable news on fifty different channels is …


NOTE: [“Cronkite” was the late CBS’ Walter Cronkite, anchor and newsman par excellence of the Age of the Dinosaur (the pre-cable and round-the-clock breathless and break-neck speed delivered-news age dominated by big bucks teleprompter readers most of whom take themselves far too seriously!)


SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2016. 8:30 p.m. [GMT]

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