Fulani herdsmen: Nigeria toying with Darfurian, Rwandese and Somali scenarios – Nigeria’s The Guardian

June 8, 2016



The herdsmen, emboldened by at best, the prevarication of the Federal Government, have, therefore, been on greater offensive … According to the Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbe, most of them are not Nigerians but Malians, Chadians and some Shuwa Arabs who are armed with AK 47s and moving down Nigerians in their own territory …

The herdsmen have even come out openly to defend their rights to carry weapons in defiance of the laws of the country ostensibly to protect themselves from rustlers … According to the Myetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association (MCBAN), North Western zone spokesman, the right to movement as enshrined in the constitution, allows the herdsmen to move to any part of the country.

Certainly, these rights are not permissive of an army of occupation and destruction of the legitimate means of livelihood of host communities.

… It is worth reiterating that the tepid response of the government to the atrocities of the herdsmen could lead to self-help which may not augur well for the country. Indeed, different communities are already waking up to the reality of the threat posed by the herdsmen. Several socio-cultural groups in parts of the country have warned the herdsmen to steer clear of their communities, expressing their readiness to prevent any invasion or rampant grazing. And many have invoked the international law on the right to self-defence when once life is threatened!

Now, Nigeria is toying with the Darfurian, Rwandese and Somali scenarios. This is, to say the least, very discomforting.



WEDNESDAY, JUNE 08, 2016. 8:55 p.m. [GMT]

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