Restructuring is inevitable irrespective of who is against it now – Dele Ṣobọ̀walé

July 24, 2016


“Those who make peaceful [change] impossible, will make violent [change] inevitable.”  – President John Kennedy


Kennedy’s statement, perhaps his most widely quoted observation, slightly amended, not to frighten people, was made to Latin American diplomats on March 12, 1962. It is a befitting reminder to those who are opposed to the idea of restructuring Nigeria today – including President Buhari  and Vice President Osinbajo. If it needs repeating, I was a fanatical Buhari supporter from 2011 till recently. And, until a better leader emerges, Buhari, with all his faults (and they keep growing daily), still has my vote. However, when the issue is restructuring, he can forget about me for support. In fact, I can state categorically that restructuring is inevitable.

Just in case anybody thinks this is a Christian or Southern issue, let me remind readers what happened when Obasanjo as President once proclaimed that the unity of Nigeria was not negotiable. I wrote an article pointing out to him that neither his father, whose birth date he does not know, nor mine who was born in 1890, was born a Nigerian. My grandfather who was born in 1828 was even far removed from any geographical expression (apologies to Awolowo) called Nigeria. If one bloody Englishman can gather my ancestors together and  name them Nigerians, why can I not reject that name? After all, I was christened Jacob, I dropped it for Biola in 1960. Why can we not sit at a conference to determine what we want to be called? Why for God’s sake.

The states have collapsed as economic units and nothing in the near future will revive them. The Federal government, like a father dressed in rags, wanting to bail-out his equally destitute kids, cuts a sorry figure and will end up making things worse for all concerned. If Buhari’s military colleagues got us into this mess, why on earth can’t we get ourselves out of it without one of them standing in the way of the only meaningful change Nigeria needs today.

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3 Comments on “Restructuring is inevitable irrespective of who is against it now – Dele Ṣobọ̀walé”


    All the people can’t be deceived all the times.Civil activists who because of crumbs of political patronages abandoned the struggles for citizens’ political emancipation shall soon realise their misadventures.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Mr. Adetoye,

      We all hope so, but how can APC and the president make promises they won’t keep? How will APC FARE IN THE COMING governorship.elections at Ondo, et cetera? What promises will they offer this time around?




      • emotan77 Says:

        Dear Doctor,

        Thank you very much. I just hope governors in the southwest, especially, and those in other parts of Nigeria would assist their indigenes tomstave off the temptation of money bags throwing money that would enslave farmers and their descendants as tenant farmers for life as happened in Zimbabwe by white settlers.

        Dangote already owns a huge chunk of Nigeria, thanks to his donations to Obasanjo when the latter got out of Abacha imprisonment, amount that, when added to whatever he had before then, has made him Africa’s wealthiest individual.

        There is nothing wrong with amassing wealth but a lot of Dangote’s have been “federal” government holdings purportedly sold off to him: Osogbo Steel Rolling Mill, a part of the Nigerian Ports; bacita Sugar factory used to be a govt-owned – not “federal” but that is also his. Dangote Cement trucks clog the Lagos/Ibadan expressways …

        Let “buyers Beware” should be the watchword in the West before cattles and farmers from the North are gifted farmers’ land through the backdoor by raging wannabe internal colonialists.

        Thanks, and my regards.


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