Kebbi farmers say ‘No’ to Dangote’s move to acquire 54k hectares of land –

July 25, 2016

Nigeria Dangote continues -bagudu


MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016. 3:20 p.m.[GMT]



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2 Comments on “Kebbi farmers say ‘No’ to Dangote’s move to acquire 54k hectares of land –”

  1. Says:

    God Bless these courageous farmers for refusing another exploitation Latif



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Doctor,

      Thanks. One hopes our own people, with education by governors, et cetera, would borrow a,leaf from this before they sell their lands and become laborers for life, ditto their kids just like in Zimbabwe.

      As things stand, Dangote already owns a huge chunk of Nigeria most of which started under Obasanjo’s imperial presidency: the steel mill at Osogbo; Bacita Sugar factory, cement factory, a large part of the NPA grounds, if words around are to be believed,tomato factory, et cetera.

      There’s nothing wrong if these things belong to any single individual but we all know who used to own the Steel Co., the Sugar factory, NPA – all govt concerns.

      Governors in Yorubaland MUST watch out for our interest before our people become tenant farmers on their own land.




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