“Nigeria must restructure or break up”! – retd. Lt. General Alani Akinrinade warns/

July 25, 2016



Retired General Akinrinade is a man whose actions and declarations at important times, show a leader though not by designation. The critical stage Nigeria finds herself, once again, has made him come out to condemn in clear language the APC, a party formed to actualize the yearnings of the majority of Nigerians, yearnings that should make Nigeria, as of today, less strife-riven than it has become. Why is the General – like millions of those in Southern Nigeria, exasperated with the leadership of the APC?

[The link to General Akinrinade’s interview with the Sun is at the end.]


Both retired General Muhamadu Buhari, now president, and Aṣiwaju Bola Tinubu promised a true federation if APC wins the presidency during the campaign. We all believed.


NUMBER 1 among the many promises  to Nigerians according to Vanguard:

On Politics and Governance

I, Muhammadu Buhari, believe that our politics is broken. Our nation urgentlyneeds fundamental political reform and improvement in governance more transparency and accountable. If you nominate me in December, 2014 and elect me in February 2015, my administration will: 1. Initiate action to amend the Nigerian Constitution with a view to devolving powers, duties, and responsibilities to states in order to entrench true Federalism and the Federal spirit …

What a difference under a year makes!   Read more at –


” … the unification Decree 34 of 1966, which makes Nigeria a unitary state,  still exists after  47 years, noting that only true federalism will bring about democracy. Represented by former Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Dele Alake, Tinubu stated that the country has only had various shades of unitary forms of  government with different specifications and it is now operating a civilian ‘regime’ instead of  a real democracy …”  – Asiwaju Tinubu

[Source: Nigeria’s Vanguard, August 8, 2013, at Professor Ropo Sekoni’s 70th Birthday & book launch, a book whose subject is the National Question]

What is the APC, its founding chieftain , Asiwaju, APC leaders & “lawmakers” saying now? Ditto  the president who won the elections as well as legislators?

Joh Oyegun, the national chairman: “it is unwise …” and would distract them from fighting terrorism …

Image result for nigerian unity is not negotiableImage result for nigerian unity is not negotiable


I need not go further because that sentiment: unity non-negotiable as well as it-is-not-a-priority, if truth be told, is dictatorial because the “presidency & APC” are not in a position to take over what should go through the National Assembly unless, of course, those people have abdicated their responsibility while concentrating on what concerns them not. If the president wants Nigerians to trust him and take him at his word, all he has to do is prepare a Bill and send to the National Assembly …

Before I move to Gen. Akinrinade, I must lament how Nigerians always get the short ends of sticks once people who promise heaven-on-earth when they are out canvassing for votes turn around once elected and become answerable to none but themselves


Credit:, April 2011

Above guy promised fresh air if Nigerians voted for him but what did we get? Perhaps the most polluted air Nigeria ever experienced: bottom of the sewer in corruption, ineptitude and impunity of the I-don’t-give-a-damn, Nigerians-are-docile-followers


And now, General Buhari, a many in the press mocked  for shedding tears when he lost in 2011 because they believed he was on his quest, based on his antecedent, for himself. I numbered among a very few who believed even before he made those promises that he would actually fulfill them, and was interested in making his mark and correcting erroneous impression of him by most Nigerians. Just check the first couple of posts on this blog in late March/early April 2011. How wrong those few of us were!

General, why would you not send a bill to the National Assembly in line with your promise to – in your own words –  Initiate action to amend the Nigerian Constitution with a view to devolving powers, duties, and responsibilities to states in order to entrench true Federalism and the Federal spirit …?  Why can’t you send a bill, Mr. president and then allow the Legislative arm shoot it down? Or, are you afraid it would pass and end an agenda most believed you had for the runs for the presidency?

AS FOR APC, the party and the elected reps at both Houses, why and how did you get sucked into THIS? What did you negotiate for the South for this selling of all of us to the interest of the North?

Why would the people of Ondo, Osun & Bendel States believe there exists any difference between the PDP and APC except the letters when time comes soon to elect new governors in place of Dr. Mimiko, Alhaji Aregbesola & Comrade Oshiomole?

THERE REALLY IS NO DIFFERENCE, NOW and it would be interesting to see people in the southwest react knowing how APC has turned out to be another disastrous misadventure when those elections come, barring resorting to PDP-type abracadabra.

And, finally, retired General Akinrinade, a man as constant as the Northern star, who has never wavered in his belief that a truly great Nigeria could only spring from a truly federalized governance system.

“We must go out and propagate federalism because the more we look for excuses not to federalise, the more we go into deep trouble.”  – General Akinrinad

  • I hope we will be sensible enough not to allow everybody to just walk away,but it is quite possible now because we have not removed the reasons for these separatist agitations … if we don’t restructure, these agitations will go on … [see link at the end]
  • Yoruba National Ethnic Group will back a united Nigeria based on true federalism – retired Lt. General Akinrinade., October 8, 2013.
  • True federalism is the way forward – Alani Akinrinade


There are also dozens of essays and news reports on this blog by The General, other individuals and me here on the subject.

On June 22, 2013, Femi Aborisade, a lawyer and labor/human rights activist had an essay on the subject titled The National Question and the Nigerian Constitution.  As of July 24 when it was checked out by 7 blog visitors before noon when I last looked in, it had attracted 5,008 viewers with most finding their way to the essay through google searches. Of the 5,000-plus viewers, the increase in the National Question issue is accentuated with 760 viewers in June, three years after its initial publication. [Source: …/]

As far back as July 2011, Chief Olisa Agbakoba had already circulated a private bill to the National Assembly calling for a devolution of powers by the very unitary type of “federal” government at the center to the federating units that constitute Nigeria. On July 12, 2011, this blog carried Agbakoba’s bill on devolution of power to the National Assembly. I am not aware what became of the document and the purpose for which it was sent was definitely not achieved.

In 2012, it was given a fillip with Balarabe Musa’s  Sovereign National Conference or “imminent military coup or revolution in Nigeria”, a news report in the Punch copied here.


After former vice president, Alhaji Atiku from NE part of Nigeria seemed to go against the grain of the North in his declaration that Nigeria needs urgent restructuring carried widely in most Nigeria’s newspapers and online news-site, several prominent Nigerians have since lauded  the political giant. Apart from being a Northern establishment politician, the APC to which he now belongs has changed direction from when the party, founded and funded mostly from the same region, was still campaigning for votes. Restructuring, which was one of its political promise has been given a wide berth as “not a priority” item as declared by Buhari. In the presidency also sits an old ACN/APC vice president, Yemi Osibajo who, along with the rest of the party hierarchy – not the Nigerians who voted for them – have decided to go rogue, as I described the new APC in a recent essay.


Excerpts from Atiku’s statement on the subject

“Agitations by many right-thinking Nigerians call for a restructuring and renewal of our federation to make it less centralised, less suffocating and less dictatorial in the affairs of our country’s constituent units and localities … Our current structure and the practices it has encouraged have been a major impediment to the economic and political development of our country. In short it has not served Nigeria well, and at the risk of reproach it has not served my part of the country, the North, well.

… the rising tide of agitations, some militant and violent, require a reset in our relationships as a united nation

… Some may say that we are saddled with more urgent challenges … battered economy, creating jobs, fighting corruption and securing our people from terrorism and other forms of serious crimes. I believe, however, that addressing the flaws in our federation will help us address some of those very economic and security challenges facing this country … [emphasis blogger’s]


Many socio/political organizations and individuals lauded Atiku’s call urgent call for restructuring, including Yorubas’ (SW) Afẹ́nifẹ́re and (SE) Ibos’ Ndigbo.

In “The Nigerian Federation at the Crossroads: The Way forward” published in, Ladipo Adamolekun’s contention in 2005 that “Currently, therefore, the Nigerian federation is at a crossroads and has two options: devolution or death” may not be just a dire prediction.



FULL TEXT OF RETD. GENERAL AKINRINADE’ S “APC government has taken Nigerians for idiots by including restructuring in its manifesto and reneging on the promise” can be checked out at the link below.

Nigeria must restructure or break up

MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016.  4.20 a.m [GMT]




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4 Comments on ““Nigeria must restructure or break up”! – retd. Lt. General Alani Akinrinade warns/”

  1. ADENLE S.A. Says:

    Not From Alani Akinrinade Who influenced the Siting of that Federal Government School in His Rural Ido Ani and Sand Flies kept on eating the Innocent students and Staff Of theInstitution . Can he Speak!!!



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Mr. Adenle,

      Thanks for this.

      I think you have wrong info. General akinrinade is from Osun and not Ondon Stste where Ido-Ani is located. The issue of National Conference, however, is much higher on the priority list of everybody than the siting of a high school which, though important for small communities as a “federal” presence, is but a blip on an issue that encompasses very many weighty issues among which are central policing in a multi-ethnic country, revenue derivation distribution … and many other issues that you, me and all of us understand.




  2. emotan77 Says:

    The situation calls for real patriots to stand up, speak and act, NOW!

    Thanks, Ma.




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