Nigeria, a “deeply divided country” – UN Report

September 7, 2016


The United Nations (UN) has just released a report on Nigeria’s Common Country Analysis (CCA) that paints a very gloomy picture of a country described as “deeply divided”. During a consultative meeting on the formulation of the UN Development Assistance Framework  IV (UNDAF IV) at Awka, Eastern Nigeria, the report’s damning conclusions show a country that needs to pay heed to the growing problems.

The growing social pressures, borne of age-old ethnic rivalries and religious divide that were left not only unaddressed but given impetus by governance has increased citizens’ cries of marginalization, domination and oppression.

For a report of the UN submission, including recommendations on “investing in people and in a strong more dynamic and inclusive productive informal sector”, the link below leads to Nigeria’s posting: TOLA.

Nigeria deeply divided –UN report

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2016. 11:18 a.m. [GMT]

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2 Comments on “Nigeria, a “deeply divided country” – UN Report”

  1. folakemiodoaje Says:

    Oh well, UN is merely echoing this. Things will only get better when enough people ask their representatives to live up to their mandates.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Folakemi,


      You are very correct. As things are right now, and should they continue along same path, “the people” would get to a stage when they believe enough is enough, and take matters into their own hands. Such d.i.y in governance may eventually yield result but the toll in human lives has never been known to be small.


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