Zuckerberg’s Nigeria visit fires Samuel Adeyemi, a young entrepreneur, & a few photos from the trip of the Facebook’s CEO

September 13, 2016



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“This trip has really blown me away by the talents of young entrepreneurs and developers in this country, and making a difference and making a change. It reminds me of when I wanted to start Facebook. I wasn’t starting a company at the time but wanted to build something to see if it would work. And that is what I see people here do, pushing through challenges, building things that you want to see in the world. You are not just going to change Nigeria and the whole of Africa but the whole world.” – Mark Zuckerberg


“There’s so much energy and so much potential here. I just want to walk around and meet folks.” – Zuckerberg to CNN.

And he did!

Watching Nigeria’s future generation learn Holiday Camp…

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Zuckerberg’s trip included a to must-see Nigeria’s “Silicon Valley” at Yaba, Lagos where he toured a coding camp for kids and met with about 50 local startup founders and developers at CcHub, a local innovation center.

Taking in the sights …



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Jogging on the Lekki-Ikoyi (Lagos) bridge; Lagos is the old capital, and always the heart of Nigeria!

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Zuckerberg sets aside his de rigeur formal wear, a Tee, for a formal wear to pay a visit to Abuja, the capital, with President Buhari and Vice President Ọṣibajo.     

One of the places Zuckerberg visited in Lagos, his principal destination of Yaba, a suburb of the city was Andela, a Nigerian start up. The company recruits and trains  Africans in a 4-year technical leadership programme.  Impressed, Zuckerberg reportedly invested $24 million in the start-up earlier this year through the Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Priscilla Chan’s fund. His visit is an affirmation of his belief in Andela’s goal as well as an encouragement to entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa.

What is a visit to Nigeria without a Nollywood stop? Check the link here about stops in his Lagos visit, including visits to Andela and meeting some Nollywood stars.

6 places Mark Zuckerberg visited in Lagos


Samuel Adeyemi’s Inspiration by Zuckerberg’s visit

The live broadcast of Mark Zuckerberg’s Town Hall meeting with software developers and entrepreneurs in Lagos recently was a personal gift to me, coming on the eve of a birthday.

Mark spoke extensively on the mission of Facebook to connect the world but what struck me the most from his talk was how he painted a rosy picture of Nigeria’s future.Listen to him:

“Nigeria is shaping the whole continent and influencing how things are going to work around the world for the next generation. After being here for a short period of time, I do believe that there’s no way Nigeria will not end up shaping what is being built around the world.

“The world need to see the energy in Nigeria. Here in Lagos and in the continent, things are changing really quickly. The economy is shifting from a resource-based economy into an entrepreneur- and knowledge-based economy. And you guys are the ones bringing that change not only in Nigeria but around the world.

“That is the story that is under-appreciated around world. People don’t have a feel of how much energy and entrepreneurial spirit are in here.”

Being very much aware of what is going on in my country where young people of my generation are coming up with innovations far beyond what would be expected of us with all the shortcomings in my country gives me hope that positive change will come to Nigeria.

In case you’re still in doubt, Nigeria is Truly Changing, and this change has nothing to do with Buhari or Jonathan.

It has everything to do with you and me. It has to do with the creative minds of young Nigerians daring the odds, and in spite of the rapacious political class which specializes in looting the treasury and trading blames.

My advice to young Nigerians not yet committed to a change that will aid their development is to wake up, take our destinies into our own hands and create the type of future that will help make our dreams come true and propel our country from the mediocrity of its present.

It is time to look inwards to unleash our creativity.  It is time to write that proposal. It is time to write that Business Plan. It is time to write that book. It is time to start that business that will create jobs for those younger than our generation. In our small ways and through the enterprises, we will contribute to the development of an economy that will not have to depend on natural resources.

In our lifetime, we can transform Nigeria from an under-achieving nation that depends on loans, grants, and goodwill of other countries to one that can feed its people, benefit immensely from knowledge-driven innovations, a prosperous country through diverse economic activities and uplift the black race through dynamic and positive leadership by example.

We can do it because we are tired of the mess which our country has become.



Samuel O. Adeyemi (ANIPR) is a Media Entrepreneur in Lagos, Nigeria.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2016. 5:40 a.m. [GMT]



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