African Aid: China dumps labor & materials; Japan employs local labor and supplies – Tola Adenle

September 19, 2016


The situation of employment for Chinese and back-door market for Chinese goods clothed as “aid” in Kenya is perhaps replicated all over Africa; any observer knows it’s the case in Nigeria.

China gives “aid” or gets a contract and before you could spell c-h-i-n-a, hordes of Chinese descend on the country and fan out across Nigeria where majority of almost the usually all-male work force are used in head-pan carrier class: jobs always given to the lowest-paid job-site workers, busy almost seven days a week.

They lift iron rods, used shovels, welds, and do all sorts of manual labor which deprives Nigerian artisans and labor of employment.

Read a Kenyan assessment of Chinese and Japanese involvement in Kenya and see how these two Asian economic giants handle “aid” to Africa.

I must wonder aloud as many continue to do to the annoyance of African leaders: when will we end the pan-handling, especially considering the fact that the leaders of the countries that give African countries Aids do not live in the type of luxuries that African leaders do, nor do they amass the kind of wealth that leaders and those in politics as well as many in civil service jobs do.

In an essay here a couple of months ago, I posted an interview by with the departing Swiss Ambassador. Mr. Hodel, the ambassador, had said in a response to the interviewer’s question:

“I will surely feel a level of guilt to fly business for a flight that cost $5000 in business and $1000 in economy. The thing is what value can that $4000 difference add to my country, and that has always been the guiding principle …”

Here is my lead-in for the copied material, an essay that continues to attract a lot of readership

With Nigeria’s Customs boss, Mr. Hamid Ali, a supposedly close ally of President Buhari flying First Class recently on a British Airways flight, I bring back an old post about a remark made by the former Swiss Ambassador to Nigeria. Despite Switzerland’s great wealth, Mr. Hodel, the Ambassador had given given an interview to PREMIUM TIMES on various subjects.

Here are the reasons why the Comptroller-General of Customs should be queried on his N3 million-plus first class ticket:

1. Does the Minister of Finance’s circular on the ban of of First Class travel by government officials not affect Hamid Ali?

2. What is Ali’s salary that he can afford to spend over N3 million ($11,000-plus) for a ticket?

3. What business did Ali go to England for, and finally,

I will recommend Nigerian government goes a step further: restrict all officials below ministerial, governors and the VP and President to economy-class travels.

If Swiss can practise what Mr. Hodel does, what would be the excuse of Nigerian officials, especially governors who owe several months in salaries, and some have not paid workers for 2 years.


You can check out the post below:


Now, on the matter at hand – the difference between Chinese and Japanese Aid to Kenya, here is an excerpt:

According to Laban Onditi Rao, the vice chair of Kenya’s National Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Nairobi, the Japanese hired local construction companies to build the road and they purchased local raw materials, while the Chinese imported raw materials and labor from China.

China was actually dumping excess supplies in Kenya; while calling it aid, they profited from it. In actuality, Japan’s assistance and investment model brought greater economic benefits to Kenya, with better social effects …


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2016. 12:25 p.m. [GMT]

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