With broken promises, “special emergency powers” by National Assembly to Buhari to fix economy would be dangerous! – Tola Adenle

September 19, 2016


APPEAL TO NIGERIA’S NATIONAL ASSEMBLY: “Some emergency powers” to fix the economy could become unilateral powers. Most of his promises on the campaign trail have not been kept. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE BUHARI EMERGENCY POWERS.

Despite misgivings about the carrying-on at the National Assembly by most Nigerians, including me, I tend to agree with words coming out of the National Assembly, on its declaration that there are people on the president’s team that should be let go. Personally, I follow the actions of just a very few among whom I believe two ministers seem out of their depths, pardon me. I find no other appropriate words.

Kemi Adeosun. I cannot defend someone simply because she’s female. I remember that when the former president announced the names of Dr. Iweala and jet-setting Ms. Madueke in 2011, I went on record on this blog as giving reasons why the two women should not be allowed back. Many wrote to villify me as to why I would attack women.

With images of Adeosun in news report always seeming to show a person who is way in over head, her points on why the president needs “some emergency powers” to fix the economy may not even be understood by the Finance Minister:

  1.  “unusual times need unusual measures”;
  2.  “analysts say the country can ill-afford the luxury of time in search solutions to bring the economy out of the woods”;
  3. “President Buhari was in a hurry to get the economy out of the recession as soon as possible”;
  4. “It is a tough time. But, there is hope for Nigerians, government is doing everything to ensure the country comes out in a sustainable way, so we never get back here again by addressing the infrastructure challenges,
  5. “The government has a very credible plan. It’s going to result in an economy not dependent on oil, and not subject to the boom and burst of oil price. When oil price is high, we are happy, and when low we are sad.”

Here are a few questions for Ms. Adeosun on her points for this unnecessary gimme:

Numbers 1, 2 & 5 are sort of related as they relate to lack of time and a ready “credible plan” to end the recession as well as dependence on oil.

  1. The President should spell out the “credible plan that would result in the economy not depending on oil” alone. If a plan is available, show us. It does not have to show mundane statistics; just have Ms. Adeosun or her replacement give out general ideas at her usual press conferences which have become waste of time and resources. Today, she uses a word that would be denied – or conveniently forgotten – tomorrow

As for Numbers 3 & 4, they are not that coherent as far as needing “some emergency powers” is concerned.

2.        To “address infrastructural challenges”, for example, I’m sure it does not need awo – Yoruba for special divination known to only a few – to know what infrastructural challenges Nigeria faces and how to “address” them.

I think the president is expending energy on cherry-picking true federalism that would ordinarily assist him address some of the challenges that the dwindling revenues from oil poses.

For instance, I believe his new declaration to assist local governments bypass states as regards receiving their revenue allocations is not called for because it’s something that is a constitutional provision even though we all know it has not been happening. To correct the anomaly would be easy if the president wants to do it: have revenues despatched to the proper beneficiaries, not through the governors.

There are immediate steps that the government can embark upon to show that the president is very serious about confronting the recession:

A. CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME [at the presidency] Cut as much “fat” from running of government:

  1.  sell off several of the dozen or more presidential planes to resuscitate a National Carrier for major routes, and ensure full patronage right away by going through the NA to have a FLY NIGERIA BILL passed (Olisa Agbakoba suggested this before Buhari’s swearing in);
  2. Reduce staffing at “the presidency”: Think back on how many publicity/media people he needed as president, how many President Shagari used, and work with a figure in their range;
  3. Official government vehicles by government at all levels are far too many; many can be sold off without their loss being felt. States and local governments would follow if the president shows the leadership. Running costs and salaries/wages, overtime could be utilized for other things, including terminal benefits for drivers which they could be educated to utilize for personal development (farming, et cetera)
  4. Reduction in president’s, ministers’ … entourages on foreign trips … states would follow the lead;



  1. Reduce aides and appointees to boards, et cetera.
  2.  to 4., and beyond — AS ABOVE


I am sure the president knows the areas where huge wastes exist as he outlined quite a few before he got elected.

Once these changes are ongoing, Nigerians, a very resilient, understanding … people as I’ve repeatedly mentioned on this blog, would change.

Buhari has proved he should not be trusted; he does not need any “special economic powers”; he will abuse it.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2016. 12:40 p.m. [GMT]


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2 Comments on “With broken promises, “special emergency powers” by National Assembly to Buhari to fix economy would be dangerous! – Tola Adenle”

  1. Adegoke G. Falade Says:

    Beautiful and purposeful article!

    Auntie, I have said it several times that the reason why the sage, Chief Obafemi Jeremiah Awolowo was so successful, is that he was a visionary and his origin was higher than that of an average human being. We frittered away that rare opportunity
    of being given such a person by our Almighty Creator. So, let’s turn our gaze to our Lord, our God, to send a redeemer!



    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks very much, Dear Prof.

      No matter how long Awo’s been departed, and no matter how often it’s repeated, THAT was the “best president president Nigeria never had” in late Ojukwu’s immortal words.

      How soon a real leader with vision and nationalist outlook will come is unknown but we do know, and now realize that the clamor of people, including me, for Buhari to clean the Augean stable of corruption based on the perception of his ascetic lifestyle and earlier claim to selfless leadership is baseless, and has now been over-ridden by an apparent tendency to pander to ethnic and religious extremism.




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