Nigerians must fight decision of Vice President, all governors & others on sale of country’s most lucrative assets – Tola Adenle

September 23, 2016


I will end this essay by quoting the title of  a post by Senator Sheu Sani’s opposition to the sale of Nigeria’s assets:

Dangote, Saraki, Others demanding sale of assets are economic predators”.



Now that Nigerians have heard from the country’s vice-president and all governors about the “need” to sell off  Nigeria’s lucrative assets, we know that from the president down – Osibajo, the VP, cannot be for what his principal is against – it is clear that Nigerians have a huge battle on hand. The country’s highest elected official, the president, has spoken loud and clear through his vp, the governors, his so-called “economic team – the Central Bank’s governor, the ministers in charge of Finance, Budget and Planning as well as his town crier, the Info Minister: Buhari’s “change” entails the selling off of what-is-left-of-Nigeria’s-resources.

If anyone was in doubt an onslaught had arrived in form of stampedes from those who rule Nigeria which included the Central governor speaking in what in Nigeria is equivalent to beer parlor language,

“I repeat, the worst is over, the Nigerian economy is on the path of recovery and growth. “Trust me, if you are standing as a bystander, you are losing by being a bystander. Join the train now before the bus leaves the bus station –

following a statement that “The worst situation of the recession that hit the economy is over, by December, the economy would be fully out of recession …”

the latest news of those supporting the here-and-now for Nigeria shows there should be no doubt as to what those who rule Nigeria really want for a country that has really enabled them to prosper.

As Nigeria’s most senior elected member of the latest group that wants everything lucrative to be sold to raise what I’ve read to be a goal of $15 billion, Vice President Osibajo’s support shows that Nigeria’s president, retired General Muhammadu Buhari’s Change Agenda, or not, leads the group. It is a group that includes the Central Bank’s governor, members of Nigeria’s Governors’ Forum, Buhari’s cabinet, some members of the National Assembly led by Saraki … and Aliko Dangote, who has discovered the easy-pickings that buying his country’s assets represent through former purchases, representing the so-called “organized private sector” – and others.

Nigerians must remember the roles those at the helm of taking governance to the people – the governors – have played in getting Nigeria to this sorry economic level. With perhaps the exception of a very few, members of the so-called “Nigerian Governors’ Forum (NGF)” have shown clearly they’ve never had the interest of the country or its masses at heart.

Coincidentally and ominously, Saraki as governor of Kwara State, led the NGF, a body with no constitutional recognition to its most powerful and inglorious  height during the fatal illness of President Yar Adua.

Since he became Kwara’s Governor through, his father, perhaps Nigeria’s First Political Godfather, Dr. Abubakar Saraki who was the senate president under Shagari, Saraki’s singular ambition has been to rule Nigeria, a situation that is never going to happen, and despite the problems that he has right now with the Economic Crimes Commission. Nigerians can be sure, though that his eyes are still firmly on the prize because this is Nigeria.

We must also never forget the ignoble role Saraki, using the NGF and a PDP Caucus within that body, played during Yar Adua’s fatal illness and how, as one of the closest people to then Nigeria’s de facto president, Yar Adua’s wife, (Turai) he ensured governors’ muscles were flexed. Well, here is a little memory jiggle:

The vice-president, Dr. Jonathan was almost stampeded out of his rightful constitutional ascension role by all sorts of shenanigans the extent of which nearly tore Nigeria into shreds but suffice to say that the highly-unpopular NGF had positioned itself as the power bloc that would decide Yar Adua’s successor, Vice President Jonathan or not. Pulling all the stops was Saraki who worked with his colleagues, especially the PDP governors, to ensure that one of them was put forward as the next president of Nigeria. Everybody in the PDP caucus of the NGF, of course, knew Saraki was fighting for himself

Nigerians should also remember that the country’s present economic problems date way back to Obasanjo and a prosperity that rising crude prices gifted Nigeria.

It was well-known that despite how Obasanjo later threw becoming a respected statesman out the window – Third Term fiasco, Transcorp saga, Obajana Cement Factory’s whodunnit , ect cetera – the retired General and then president really believed in saving for a rainy day, and so was born the Excess Crude Account, an idea that Saraki and his fellow travellers in the Forum apparently did not subscribe to.

Then – as now – he was supposed to be instrumental in the governors’ “victory” that saw them sharing huge amounts for their states regularly, amounts that do not show in the development of the various states.

Here is a little blast from a seemingly ages ago, 2010 during the early going of the Jonathan Presidency, posted on this blog in 2013. The subject matter might have been the NGF but you-know-who loomed large:

“We intervened to protect our democracy”. These power grabbers most of whom not only believe in choosing their successors but in telling an Acting President to forget the presidency even when the Constitution stipulates Jonathan should have been sworn in by now do not have Nigeria’s interest; worse, their infomercial claims Nigerians are happy with the situation.

NGF members, what happened to the $2 billion released by Dr. Jonathan which Bukola Saraki announced would be utilized on infrastructure “during the dry season now before the rains come”, etcetera.  Well, Nigerians read news reports that had several of your members travelling abroad as soon as the money was released; Nigerians’ conclusion could be coincidental! 


I will end this essay by quoting the tile of  Senator Sheu Sani’s “Dangote, Saraki, Others demanding sale of assets are economic predators”.

You are very right, Senator because that’s who they all really are.



Dangote, Saraki, others demanding asset sale are “economic predators” – Shehu Sani




FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2016. 4:15 p.m. [GMT]

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2 Comments on “Nigerians must fight decision of Vice President, all governors & others on sale of country’s most lucrative assets – Tola Adenle”


    “Nigerians must fight decision of Vice President, all governors & others on sale of country’s most lucrative assets”-Tola Adenle.

    One must celebrate reading your clarion call above because it shows the past “such” call is still actively alive. You have also done well recalling few past incidents of “executive” sleaze(s). The throes our country is facing today is because majority voter today probably have not thought it necessary to consider the past.

    What are the concept, packaging and present reality of the supposedly money-spinning fertilizer plant in Onne, Port-Harcourt? What about the Aluminium plant in Akwa-Ibom? What are the real facts and truths behind stopping MKO from getting to Nigerian presidency? Why was Chief Awolowo stopped at ALL COSTS from ruling his fatherland? Who are the external gladiators shaping Nigerian polity?

    There have been many “gentlemen” agreements between leaders of aggrieved nationalities in Nigeria to foster peaceful cohabitation. Which, among the nationality, has continued to break such agreement(s) like the “Aburi Peace Accord” of the Nigerian civil war,and why?

    Every voter ought to be knowledgeable about the past, to be able to vote for “supposed” leaders who are to shape the future. Can we boast that five percent of present students in Nigerian Universities know who Chief Awolowo or an Alhaji Aminu Kano were?

    As much as we continue to ignore details of our past, ECONOMIC/POLITICAL GLADIATORS like Dangote, Saraki, Emir Sanusi, Otedola, Jimoh Ibrahim, etc with active connivance of their colonial masters, using the political machinery of Federal Government shall continue to share wealth of national assets like the Osogbo Steel plant among themselves.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Adetoye,

      Knowledge, as you’ve pointed out, is necessary for an electorate that would choose right when election comes but how to spread information to everyone in all the nooks and cranny of Nigeria IS the big problem. People have become so apathetic that even when they learn of important information, they mostly ignore or worse, dismiss it.
      And this does not refer to the unschooled among the populace.

      Mainstream journalists are no longer in the fight to liberate minds as Azikiwe, Eneli, Peter Pan, Aiyekòótọ (late Tribune columnist, Bisi Onabanjo, long before he became Ogun State Governor in 1979), Allah-De. They have a lot of work to cover in reporting not only legislative proceedings and the contributions of elected representatives to their constituents but how the governors, ministers and presidents are doing as far as fulfilling their campaign promises.

      Nigerian leaders – social, political as well as journalists – have failed the citizens.

      Thanks very much for the analysis. Regards,



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